For Dogs Only - Finnish company pioneers world's first AI-powered dog food vending machine

In Finland there’s approximately 800 000+ dogs, but some are pickier eaters than others.


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In Finland there’s approximately 800 000+ dogs, but some are pickier eaters than others. Now – to the delight of our furry friends – Finland’s number one dog food brand Hau-Hau Champion has pioneered a vending machine which allows dogs to sample dog food before purchase. The innovative vending machine uses AI-powered facial recognition software and disinfectant blue light technology.

The Dog Vending Machine, which is made to resemble a cartoonish doghouse, brings joy to dogs and owners alike. However, its primary purpose is to act as a pilot project for Hau-Hau Champion’s quest to reduce the waste of dog food. If the purchased food doesn’t please your dog at home, it often means that a nearly full bag of dog food goes to waste.

The vending machine is seemingly the first of its kind in the world. Using cutting edge technology, it serves food only for dogs and makes sure that they eat in sanitary conditions. The idea for the innovative vending machine came from TBWA\Helsinki and was developed and built into a working prototype with their brand experience and innovation practice TBWA\NEXT.



A fun, safe and useful innovation for dogs and owners

The working mechanism of the vending machine is based on AI-powered video recognition software: the machine identifies the approaching dog and drops kibbles into the bowl. Once the machine sees the dog leaving, it automatically disinfects the bowl with UV light and is now ready to serve its next “client”.

“Wherever the vending machine is used, it seems to be a very welcome and pleasant surprise for both dogs and owners. But most of all we hope that by giving dogs a chance to taste food beforehand will help decrease food waste in the future”, says Timo Pärssinen, CEO of Prima Pet Premium Oy, the company behind Hau-Hau Champion brand.

“Facial recognition using artificial intelligence ensures that the vending machine dispenses kibbles only to dogs, not, for example, to cats or children playing near the machine”, tells Juhana Hokkanen, Head of Experiential Creative at TBWA\Helsinki.

“Another important feature of the vending machine is its safety for dogs. UV disinfection ensures constant air and surface purity. We utilize a new type of UV light to eliminate bacteria and viruses safely, which in turn makes the disinfection process quicker and more efficient”, Hokkanen continues.

A pilot project for Europe's largest pet food producer

Hau-Hau Champion is owned by VAFO Group which is a leading European premium pet food producer. As a member of the board of directors in VAFO, Prima Pet Premium's CEO Timo Pärssinen says that the innovative vending machine is an inspiring project for the whole group.

”The wellbeing of dogs comes first for us. And it means both state of the art hygienic practices as well as top of the line food, which is safe and tasty for dogs. We have created an interesting and fascinating pilot project, and we hope that in the future we’ll see the vending machine in use not only in Finland but also in other parts of Europe”, concludes Pärssinen. 

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