GRAACC Hospital Creates a Creative Map on The Game Fortnite To Reach Donations For The Institution

The map's goal is to reflect the faces and feelings of the GRAACC patients. To share this action, the institution had the support of some of the most important names in the streaming game in Brazil: Coringa, Gorila, Nobru, Letiltz, Sharshock, and Samira C

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The Hospital GRAACC, one of the most relevant institutions in Brazil responsible for cancer treatment, has partnered with 3C Gaming, Ogilvy Brazil and the influencer Mateus "Derponce" Yoshitani to create The Hope Level map on Fortnite. The Hope Level is an extension of the campaign "Let's Win This Phase" (watch the film here) made in September 2023.  The map came as a strategy from the Hospital to build a connection with the game community, especially GenZs gamers aged 18-25, and by this to reach more donations to the patients from the GRAACC.

Derponce created the map in partnership with Ogilvy Brazil and the 3C ("This is not a sponsored, endorsed or administered by Epic Games, Inc"). With more than 341 million views and 50 maps created, the influencer and his team developed the game inspired by the stories of some patients from GRAACC Hospital. There, players confront an exciting and challenging journey, where each stage reflects the feelings of all patients in treatment at the GRAACC Hospital.


"Our patients confront a daily journey and win many treatment steps all the time, and the map reflects those phases," says Tammy Allersdorfer, Superintendent of the development position at GRAACC.

The final goal, not just with the map but with all missions, is to continue looking for victory around adversities and promoting understanding about GRAACC's purpose and all chances of cure with quality of life for its patients.

"The GRAACC map has all the things that matter in the game world: it's an innovative way of telling stories with the strength of a united and extremely engaged community," explains Giovanna Cartapatti, Head of Strategy from 3C Gaming.

Showed the map at the GRAACC Gaming Day event, where influencers from the gaming world presented the GRAACC Creative Fortnite Map, reaching 16.77M engagements on Instagram, Facebook, X, and news portals.  

Further, a making-off was made to launch the map on social media. The map's durability is permanent, making it available to be played at any time by players worldwide. To access the MAP, you must enter the code 0101-5488-9583 directly into Fortnite.

"We saw in this idea the chance to connect a new generation of donors to GRAACC through the highly engaged game community," says Mathias Almeida, ECD from Ogilvy Brazil.

Understanding the map and the Institutional Campaign: The creative map is part of the campaign strategy from "Let's Win This Level," created by Ogilvy Brazil, and has the communication of the human care and the technology present at the Hospital that reaches 72% of healing with your patients. The protagonist of this campaign, Sarah Matias, 14 years old, a patient at the institution, shared the experience of someone who went through cancer treatment and what it was like to overcome this phase in the film.


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