Havas Worldwide Showcases #PartyHardMoms for the Holidays

by Sarah Cullen , Adforum

One thing that be can said for sure about Havas Worldwide Chicago Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson is that he likes to mix it up.

Peterson and his creative teams have become supremely adept over the past several years at juxtaposing unexpected elements in TV spots and online videos to create tensions and impact that resonate with social media-focused consumers — many of them millennials. That skill set was seen at work most vividly in a video early in Peterson's tenure at Havas Worldwide for Sauza Tequila. The video titled "Making It with a Fireman" featured a fireman playing sex icon and mixologist all at once. It was a red-hot mix with a smart script that quickly became a viral hit.

There have been other, similar forays in recent years. The newest is a holiday commercial for client Hefty Cups that is a continuation of a series of ads featuring hard-partying moms talking about their super-charged lives.

The trick employed to garner attention in this partying-moms series centers on having the moms use an extremely funky urban patois that might — to the uninitiated anyway — sound nearly incomprehensible.
The fun, of course, comes from mixing up normal-mom types with the hip-hop lingo.

The newest iteration of the party-hard moms has a holiday setting and showcases one mom who looks into the camera to talk about her adventures at an ugly sweater party the previous night. Though it may not be easy to get all the detai

ls without an urban slang dictionary at hand, the drift is that a lot apparently happened the night before.
For any of these party-hard mom videos to work to maximum effect, however, viewers have to buy into believing that the moms are really committed to the talk they are talking. Here, in this new holiday video, the acting of the performer tapped for the task unfortunately isn't strong enough to get the job done. So something is lost in the finished piece.

Still, there's all that slang, and it' almost poetic lilt, as well as the challenge of trying to decipher the gist of what sounds like one wild ugly sweater party. That will be entertainment enough for a lot of viewers. 


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