IDENTITY Signs Italian Director Sergio Bosatra For U.S. Commercial Representation

Bosatra Makes Stateside Debut w/High-Speed Motion Control Campaign For Modelo via Ogilvy

 IDENTITY has signed Italian Director Sergio Bosatra for U.S. commercial representation. A specialist in tabletop, high-speed motion control and crafting in-camera effects, Bosatra makes his debut in the U.S. commercial market with a new campaign for Modelo via Ogilvy, entitled “Brewed With A Fighting Spirit.”


“Sergio’s impassioned energy for directing and keen aesthetic eye make him a welcomed addition to our team,” said Alana Hearn, Executive Producer at IDENTITY, “On set, he brings an enthusiasm that is contagious. He is inspired by problem-solving and brings an open eagerness to every challenge that invites inclusiveness and teamwork.”


Bosatra developed his unique directorial style over the course of nine years, while working as a first AD in Italy for commercial, music video and feature film projects. During this period, he had the privilege of collaborating with top international directors, many of whom specialized in niche, high-speed motion control. Learning from their craft, Bosatra developed his own elegant and contemporary style, emphasizing captivating imagery, fluid motion, vibrant color palettes and rhythmic edits. He began directing commercials in 2011 for high-profile international brands, combining his creative dexterity with technical expertise in tabletop and motion control to create standout campaigns.


“Rarely do you have the opportunity to make a good idea even better,” said Bosatra, reflecting on the Modelo campaign, “After reading the original script from Ogilvy, I knew it needed to be shot. It was that good. We had an amazing team, and I think the final campaign really reflects the original idea -- which is rare.”


The four-spot campaign was filmed under strict time constraints during a three-day shoot on a stage at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles. High-speed sequences were shot using a Phantom 4K at rates ranging from 200-2,000 fps; shots below 200 fps were filmed with an ARRI AMIRA. Bosatra captured the majority of the special effects in-camera, using motion control techniques to create a unique packshot for each spot. “It’s not your typical packshot,” noted Bosatra, “We wanted to create something innovative that stands out -- something that you don’t usually see in commercials. Thanks to the outstanding crew, we were able to make it work!”



“No matter how challenging it may be to pull off a shot, Sergio not only gets it done, but does it with a smile,” said Hearn. “His distinctive style brings a unique emotional quality to everyday things -- portraying larger-than-life images with an unexpected perspective. By capturing all shots in-camera, with minimal effects work in post, he’s able to film complex sequences in new and innovative ways.”


“Sergio’s impressive work for Modelo is just the tip of the iceberg!” said Hearn in closing, “He’s an exciting addition to our roster and we can’t wait to see his creativity continue to unfold on future projects.”

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