Lunch Forum: Creepy Jared Fogle, #StraightOutta, MillerCoors & Mekanism, Solve’s “Blank Video Project” and Much More

by James Thompson

Start your lunch with AdForum’s daily round-up of the latest news, trends, and notable work in the advertising industry.

Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty to Being Creepy

Jared Fogle once positioned himself as a role model. Not anymore. In what many considered a brilliant advertising campaign, Fogle represented Subway in a superbly effective strategy that touted the “healthy” attributes of the brand’s menu items – particularly as an alternative to vilified fast food. Those days are over. As much as America loves a comeback story, there is no second life for pedophiles. This is the end of Jared. Subway, which finds itself in a disturbing and delicate situation, has no recourse other than to acknowledge this situation and hope the public moves on as quickly as possible. This tweet by Subway says it all:

MillerCoors Taps Mekanism as Agency of Record

MillerCoors has selected Mekanism as its agency of record for Redd’s, Smith & Forge, and Henry’s Hard Soda. Mekanism, which has offices in New York and San Francisco, specializes in “creating advertising at the intersection of technology, design, culture and brand stories.” To learn more about Mekanism, check out their AdForum profile. For the full story on Mekanism’s relationship with MillerCoors, visit Ad Age. 

Hashtag of the Day: #StraightOutta

Driven by the success of Straight Outta Compton, a film that depicts NWA’s rise into mainstream culture, the hashtag #StraightOutta has gone viral. And the Internet is providing us with a plethora of humorous and compelling memes. Visit BuzzFeed for more.

Celebrate National Aviation Day with These Photos of Airline Brands

In honor of National Aviation Day, USA Today compiled these photos of various aviation brands, demonstrating that in the competitive airline industry, differentiation and advertising plays a key role in establishing brand identity.

Solve’s “Blank Video Project” Reveals Advertising Common Sense

Call it an experiment. Call it a publicity stunt. Call it whatever you want. Solve recently posted a video on Youtube that was about nothing – and not Seinfeld nothing – it really offered nothing, nothing at all. And the effort garnered 100,000 views, which has content managers and digital advertising experts throughout the industry scratching their heads. The facts, however, reveal what – deep down – many already know about Youtube views: They don’t mean very much at all; it’s the shares and likes that count. Watch the “Blank Video Project”, or ead more about Solve’s odd advertising endeavor at Adweek.

Job of the Day: Studio Mechanical Artist at Droga5

The Studio Mechanical Artist will be a trusted member of the Print Services team and collaborative partner to the Creative and Production teams. We are looking for talented individuals that will bring solid production skills, proven design ideas and creative problem solving to the team.

Essential Functions:
• Work in InDesign to create final mechanicals for use in Print, POS and Out-of-Home
• Work in Photoshop to create final digital media, such as static banners and layered rich media files
• Release final files for print or digital to vendors, publications, clients or partners
• Work closely with Creative and Production, applying strong design principles, to help fulfill final creative executions
• Create traditional studio material such as: large format prints, presentation boards, presentation material, book binding, etc.
• Strong design and photo compositing abilities is a must

Learn more about this opportunity at Droga5. 

How Not to Advertise: Lessons Learned from the British Government

“Britain has responded to the recent news that the Department for Work and Pensions used fabricated testimonials and stock photos in their benefit sanctions leaflet in the best possible way: by coming up with a new meme.” Read more at Mashable

Agency of the Week

BMF Media: We ideate innovative ways to tell a brand's story and align them with relevant cultural movements, transforming them into palpable and share-worthy experiences. Our goal: to build interesting experiences that have depth while never losing sight of the audience and brand message.

Because today is World Humanitarian Day, take some time to appreciate all that you have in life, and watch the video below to remind yourself that – despite everything we hear in the news – people are good, kind, and compassionate.

(Lunch photo courtesy of JP.)

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