Maurice Lévy gives a very human YouTube performance for his 2013 greetings

by Florie Hubac , Adforum

For his 2013 New Year’s greetings, Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy presents his wishes to all employees worldwide through his now traditional video on the Publicis Groupe YouTube channel.

His speech has been a little on the long side in the past…so, this year he made a superhuman effort to keep it short and to allow viewers to enjoy this video on their own terms.

This year there is one big difference, when you skip forward (which we know everyone does) you're in for a surprise. He immediately stops his speech and starts shuffling through his notes to find the part of the speech that you want to skip to. It's just one of the many very human interpretations of the standard YouTube functionality taken for granted today.

There are plenty of surprises planned, some of the most fun features are volume and quality. Changing the volume gives you 4 different versions of the speech (shouting, normal, whisper or even Bob Dylan style on mute). Changing the quality of the video results in 6 or 7 hands doing a live change of the quality of the décor of Maurice Lévy's office whilst he continues his speech. If you pause the video he keeps himself busy with a range of activities from dusting Cannes Lions, playing PacMan, watching a laughing baby video on YouTube and even recording a new message for Publicis Groupe answering machine.

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