Social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19 will become increasingly important during the lockdown de-escalation phase

  • This initiative continues to encourage businesses and institutions to temporarily modify their brand logos, by increasing the letter spacing, helping to raise awareness of the importance of keeping a safe personal distance and avoid more infections during the COVID-19 crisis.


  • Since launch, #The200Challenge has potentially impacted over 368 million people across social networks and online media worldwide.


  • Companies and institutions from all sectors including Iberdrola, Telefonica, Zara, El Corte Ingles, L’Oréal, Decathlon, the Prado Museum, Air Europa, La Liga, ABANCA and the Barceló Hotel Group, already form part of this viral challenge.


In less than a month since it was launched, more than 1,000 businesses, organizations and institutions from 34 countries have joined #The200Challenge and have temporarily modified their logos to help raise awareness of the importance of keeping a safe personal distance of at least 200 cm and avoiding the spread of COVID-19.


This restrictive measure will be particularly relevant during the approaching lockdown de-escalation phase, which is why this initiative continues to encourage new brands to join the challenge and raise awareness of a message that people all around the world should embrace and act upon.

So far, 368 million people have been potentially impacted across social networks and online media. Thanks to new businesses joining the challenge and to those who continue disseminating the message, this will help to increase awareness of the importance of social distancing against the spread of coronavirus.

Companies and institutions from all sectors including telecommunications (Telefonica), retail (Zara, El Corte Ingles, Stradivarius, Decathlon or Grupo Cortefiel), banking & finance (ABANCA, Banesco, Renta4, Caja Rural), energy  (Iberdrola, Cepsa), international air travel (Air Europa, PlusUltra), tourism (Barceló Hotel Group, B the travel Brand, Mucho Viaje, Alania Resorts), culture (the Prado Museum, Fundacion Canal, Festival de Malaga), sports (La Liga), beauty products and cosmetics (L’Oréal), hospitality (Vips, Goiko, Grupo Saona, Lateral), food and drink (Grupo Mahou San Miguel- Mahou, Alhambra, San Miguel, Solan de Cabras-, The Nº1 London, Helios, Cabreiroà), electronics (Philips, Huawei, Energy Sistem ), insurance (SANTALUCÍA, Asisa, Reale Seguros) and education (Fundacion CEU, IESE, EOI, Fundacion Complutense, UDIMA), already form part of this viral challenge. To do so, they have temporarily modified their logos on their digital channels and other media outlets, publishing their participation in #The200Challenge through their social networks. 

With regard to its participation in the #The200Challenge, Rafael Fernández de Alarcón Azón, Brand, Sponsorship, Media and Research Director at Telefónica, stated that, “COV19 has prompted Telefónica to make two changes to its brand. On the one hand, we have increased the space between the logo’s lettering in order to symbolize the distance needed to prevent the spread of the disease. On the other, we have evolved our brand theme to #SeguimosConectados that mirrors people’s need to continue nurturing relationships with others despite being separated from them. These changes complement a number of other initiatives deployed by the company to help bolster connectivity and support society at this time”.

In the words of Carlos Chaguaceda, Head of Communications at the Prado Museum, “As an institution we are heavily committed to playing an active role in being part of the solution in this crisis. Which is why our staff is dedicated to preserving the warm and friendly relationship we have built up with the public over the years and to vindicate the value of art through our webpage, educational initiatives and social networks. Joining this campaign has given us the opportunity to serve the common good through the power of our brand".

According to Susana Ortiz, ABANCA's Marketing Director, "For ABANCA, retouching something as “off-limits" as our brand logo not only symbolizes the social distance we must all keep, but also strongly enhances our commitment and support to fighting this health crisis. ABANCA decided to participate in this initiative right from the start, -one of many we have launched- and is doing so both socially and financially to support families and businesses as they face up to these exceptional times for everybody”. 

David Jiménez, Marketing Manager at Santalucía, explains that “if there is something in our DNA that sets us apart as a company, it is our proximity to customers in every sense of the word. It determines who we are and how we see and do things, providing people with solutions for each stage of their lives and ultimately improving them. However, when we were unexpectedly surprised by the sudden need to be physically separated from others, we felt that there was no better way of showing our commitment to our customers and to society than to join #The200Challenge global campaign to help raise awareness of the need to keep a social distance in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. So, we have increased the space between our logo’s lettering and changed our tagline to: Now we don't have to be close to be safe”.

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