Morning Forum: Alphabet & Google Shakeup, Fetch Pornhub, Millennials & Music, Coca-Cola’s Science, Super Bowl Ads & More

by James Thompson

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Google CEO Larry Page and Co-founder Sergey Brin Create Alphabet, the Mothership of All Holding Companies

Google CEO Larry Page said Monday that he and co-founder Sergey Brin have created Alphabet, which will effectively become a holding company consisting of smaller companies including Google. The reorganization appears to be an effort to clarify the lines between Google's core business and its endeavors that aren't directly related to building products against which it can sell ads. Read more at Ad Age.

What, Exactly, Will Alphabet’s Relationship with Google – and Nest, Calico, and Sidewalk Labs, etc. – Look Like?

Check out this excellent BusinessInsider chart detailing Alphabet’s relationship to Google and other companies involved in the deal. 

Why Alphabet and Larry Page Were Meant for Each Other

Alphabet will keep the creative restlessness and ambitions of Larry Page challenged for quite some time. And that’s exactly what the visionary leader of Alphabet wants from a job. Read more at Fast Company

Pornhub Goes Mainstream by Introducting “Pornhub Premium" into the Lexicon

This is so fetch. Pornhub, the website none of us have ever visited, is pursuing a safe-for-work strategy that will integrate its brand into the mainstream conversation by adding to the available vocabulary, phrases, and idioms we already have to communicate the idea of high quality. Your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey, for example, will now be “Pornhub Premium.” Read more and watch the ads at Adweek

Why Live Music Events Hold the Key to Unlocking the Minds of Millennials

Millennials, the highly sought-after demographic that many brands and advertisers view as the key to unbridled success, have been elusive. That may be changing. Research and experience shows that Millennials consider music to be an important means of communicating with others and establishing their own identities. Get the full story at Forbes

Executive Creative Director Alvar Sunol Promoted to Co-president and CCO at Alma

Alma, the Miami-based Hispanic wing of the DDB family, followed a string of recent successes by announcing several executive promotions, most notably ECD Alvar Sunol to the role of co-president and chief creative officer. Read more at AgencySpy

Coca-Cola Invests in Scientific Research that Blames Obesity on Lack of Exercise, Not Calories

In a move certain to galvanize health activists and cultural cynics, juggernaut beverage brand Coca-Cola is funding scientists and research that places the majority of culpability for obesity on a lack of exercise rather than calorie intake. These “science-based” conclusions will be promoted across social media, medical journals, and conferences. Read more at the New York Times.

The Cost of a Super Bowl Ad Is Now $5 Million

Yes, you read that correctly. Get the details at TheDrum.

Agency of the Week

Wunderman: We live at the collision of data and creativity. We believe one cannot function without the other, and together they are powerful tools. Our ideas are born and rooted in cultural intelligence. We make sense of data exhaust to understand customers’ values and connect to them on an individual level. Because when we know what matters to people, people care about what we do. Learn more about Wunderman by visiting their AdForum profile page.

(Photo courtesy of bark.)

Now that Super Bowl ads are $5 Million a pop, below enjoy an NFL ad titled “Rob Gronkowski Suiting Up” by Grey Group New York.

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