Morning Forum: Jon Stewart Bids Adieu, Coors Light Shakeup, FIFA Reform, Droga5 Rides Camelback and More

by James Thompson

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Jon Stewart Lowers the Curtain on 16 Years of Comedy as News

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ended its hilariously depressing analysis of our culture, politics, and the planet in general last night. Even Arby’s – Stewart’s favorite fast-food brand punching bag – paid for advertising time to air two ads this week that honored their playfully acrimonious relationship. 

Comedy Central celebrated the 52-year-old satirist with a simple, full-page ad that paid homage in The New York Times to the final “Moment of Zen” segment that concluded each show. Check it out over at Adweek

McDonald’s, Visa, and Coca-Cola Pursue FIFA Reform

The World Cup advertising game is undergoing an unprecedented change to its rulebook as consumers and juggernaut brands demand the beleaguered and universally vilified soccer organization FIFA clean up its act.

"An independent commission would bring an appropriate level of credibility, transparency, and neutrality…" - McDonald's vice-president of global media relations and issues management, Heidi Barker Sa Shekhem. Read more at SBS

Republican Debate Officially Launches Political Ads Season, Kathleen Matthews Makes a Move

Kathleen Matthews, the former DC news anchor and wife of boisterous political commentator Chris Matthews, aired her first campaign ad on Fox News during the combative first Republican debate. For more details and video, visit TheDailyCaller.

MillerCoors Drops WPP's Cavalry, Coors Light Now in Review

The chaotic beer market continues to struggle with Millennials and evolving palates as MillerCoors has fired WPP's Cavalry and placed Bud Light – the second-largest beer in the U.S. – into review. Read the full story at AdAge.

Agency of the Week:

Critical Mass is a global experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer. To learn more about the creative philosophy and compelling work at Critical Mass, visit their AdForum profile page. 

Droga5 Traverses the Desert in Ad Created to Showcase Motorola Moto G

For centuries, the desert has been a metaphor for loneliness. The desert portends a slow and isolated death as the more sinister of earth’s unforgiving elements bare down on human frailty. The desert is not a place of hope, let alone love. Unless, that is, you have a camel and a Motorola Moto G. Watch the Droga5 ad below for the full experience.

(Photo courtesy of bark.)


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