MRM//Meteorite Helps Tommee Tippee to Connect with Millennial Parents around the World

Award-winning, baby care brand Tommee Tippee has worked with customer experience marketing agency MRM//Meteorite to re-design their global website to enhance the millennial parenting experience. The website launches in the U.S. today and is set to roll out to a further thirty markets* over 2016 – 2017. 

MRM//Meteorite has worked closely with the brand to start their transformative journey, designing a website that creates an empathetic connection with parents through both content and design and delivers the brand’s philosophy of ‘Parent On’. 

The agency has created a fully responsive site, where UX was centred around the challenges of early parenting. For instance, the site has been designed to be easy to navigate at 3am with blurry eyes and one free hand during the night feed. (The UX designer actually strapped his arm to make sure he knew how it felt!).

MRM// Meteorite built the website against six pillars to ensure content informs and supports parents through the rollercoaster of bringing up a baby, rather than to drive sales: intuitive, intelligent, inspiring, innovative, inclusive and integrated.  

The ‘Parent Diaries’ section of the site features a selection of stories from real parents and aims to give visitors some reassurance that they aren’t going through the challenges of parenthood alone. The stories are collated by journalists and provide more than just a soundbite to help to bring real parenting to life. 

Nicky Bullard, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at MRM// Meteorite, says: “The UX and design on this site is 100% insight driven. Demonstrating that Tommee Tippee is in tune with how its audience feels – day or night.” 

Louise Mustard, Global Head of Digital, at Tommee Tippee, says: “Unveiling our new brand identity in the past year has made us even more dedicated to fit the needs of new mums and dads and to help them ‘Parent On’ in our digital world. MRM//Meteorite have been a key player in helping us differentiate from our competitors and delivering a best in class experience for the parenting community.” 

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