Network TV Upfront Selling Advice: K-I-S-S

The network TV Upfront marketplace is rife with new buzzwords: data sciences, branded content, digital video extensions, neural research, social media insights, promotional integration. But according to a new survey among TV network advertisers and agencies' national TV planners and buyers, the best advice to network sales organization is KEEP IT SIMPLE…

The primary drivers of national TV buying and planning decisions remain the basics of demographics, reach, costs-per-thousand and effectiveness, with engaging content and innovation an added bonus. The data also reflects the emerging importance of new return-on-investment analytics now being provided by a handful of leading networks and being advanced as a buying currency by Simulmedia, Oracle and selected data providers. According to respondents to the survey, conducted by MyersBizNet among 357 advertiser and agency executives in April, targeted demographic data and large audience reach evaluated based on traditional costs-per-thousand remain, by far, the most important TV industry metrics.

How Important is Each of the Following in Your Media Selection Process?

Percent of advertiser and agency respondents with national television responsibility rating each category top three-box (8/9/10) on a ten point scale. 

Jack Myers: For more than 30-years, Jack Myers has been the go-to visionary in the media business. He serves as Chairman and Media Ecologist at MyersBizNet, which ‘future proofs’ the business of more than 200 member companies through exclusive market intelligence, economic data and strategic insights for decision-making. Jack’s new book focuses on The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century.

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