Ogilvy Paris and Lenovo Introduce 'The Screen Jacket'

Ogilvy Paris and Lenovo ... a likely duo to create a Streetwear Jacket that Doubles as a Screen for brand's new tablet with integrated projector, Yoga Tab 3 Pro, of course. 

by Michela Galante , AdForum

What good is a light-weight, sleek, tablet with an integrated projector that you can have on you to project whenever and wherever you want, if you don't have a screen or a white wall handy to project on to?


So, to fully benefit from the new Lenovo tablet and project wherever you are,Ogilvy Paris went to work creating an entirely new accessory -- not a campaign-- but a functional, solution-oriented accessory to compliment the Lenovo tablet. Fondly coined the Screen Jacket, the Agency worked with Parisian fashion designers to create tailored streetwear jackets that when turned inside out, transform into a screen so you can project anywhere you want to. 

Said Paul Kreitmann, Creative Director Ogilvy Paris: "We really wanted to do the unexpected for Lenovo. Reach outside of both of our comfort zones and excite ourselves by a fresh approach." Being in the comfort zone is clearly not the brief for Ogilvy Paris.

The Screen Jacket is available for purchase online at http://www.jvgbd.com/ There are 4 designs to choose from. 

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