Samantha Johnson Joins LRXD as Media Director

Health & Happiness Advertising Agency LRXD has hired Samantha Johnson as its Media Director, Kelly Reedy, CEO announced today.


Johnson is a passionate media communications leader with 20-plus years of experience working with a mix of leading brands. She is known for using traditional media in non-traditional ways to create successful integrated marketing campaigns and will apply her extensive media knowledge to LRXD’s clients. These include Macaroni Grill, Zespri Kiwifruit, Face It TOGETHER, HW Home, Friday Health Plans, Honey Smoked Fish and others.


Johnson knows the line between tenacious and obnoxious can be a fine one. However, she has that rare ability to persist and find agreeable solutions to complex problems. She’s also known as a strategic and innovative thinker who has an entrepreneurial spirit and strong communication and collaboration skills. She leads by example.


“Sam has been a crucial addition to our growing media team and an essential part of solidifying client trust,” said Kelly Reedy. “She’s so smart in her approach in this modern era. When a lot of people just automate it and forget it, Sam wrings every portion of every penny out of the plan.”


Before joining the LRXD team, Johnson served as Media Director at TDA_Boulder. Prior to that, she was Communication Director at Saatchi & Saatchi for more than a decade.


In 2013, Johnson was named “Advertising Working Mother of the Year” by Working Mother and Advertising Women of New York.

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