Spears & Arrows Adds Director Nick Piper To Creative Roster

Award Winning Commercial Director Combines Authentic Performances With His VFX & Design Pedigree To Bring Singular Storytelling to S&A

Nick Piper, a dynamic commercial director known for his ability to draw authentic, emotional performances from actors while using his VFX acumen to give stories an unexpected, sometimes mind-bending visual twist, has joined the directorial roster of Spears & Arrows.


The six-year-old commercial production company, led by Founder/Managing Director Jason Wolk, has a roster of world-class visual storytelling directors: Arni Thor Jonsson, Mick Wong, Don Broida, Phil Brown and Ago Panini who join Piper.


“Nick is a singular director – a unicorn.” Wolk says. “He has a diverse filmmaking toolkit that works for all kinds of storytelling: Emotional performance, VFX, Art Direction & Design and Automotive. He excels in all of these genres because he brings the same unique enthusiasm, sensibility, and authenticity to every project he takes on. Combine this with his warm personality and his endearingly warped sense of humor —and you have the ideal collaborator and a fun creative partner.”


Born and raised in the U.K., Nick studied applied mathematics at Oxford and worked as a VFX artist at London-based MPC, before focusing solely on directing. Today, he brings an instinctive problem-solving expertise to his work, including a recent triumph for Johnson & Johnson entitled “Not Alone,” in which we go with our hero on a surreal, emotional journey through different portals and curiously-interconnected spaces.


“I feel lucky to have a career that's allowed me to work on so many varied projects, everything from dramatic emotional storytelling to visual effects puzzles to high-concept auto campaigns, and even surreal comedic situations,” Piper says. “My goal is to continue adding fresh and exciting work in all those fields.”


Prior to joining Spears & Arrows, Piper was represented by Rocket Films, Los Angeles for nearly 2 years. Before that he was with Backyard Productions, Culver City, CA, where Piper and Wolk first met.


Piper adds, “Since Jason opened Spears & Arrows, I've watched closely and I’m really impressed with the way he’s built the company. His background as a hands-on producer and years of experience in the industry make him a flexible and creative problem-solver for any kind of production challenge. Those fundamental qualities resonate with my own. It felt like a natural fit and a good time to join forces.”


The signing of Piper is only the latest move by Spears & Arrows, who has experienced outsized growth in 2019. Thanks to Wolk’s diligent leadership and commitment to ethical values, honesty, and transparency, S&A has garnered loyalty and repeat business from multiple clients in 2019, including The Richards Group, GSD&M, Wunderman Thompson, We Are Unlimited, McCann Health and 31000 Feet. Additionally, Wolk was recently able to secure direct-to-client work with JCPenney that resulted in a nine day shoot for their upcoming holiday campaign.


Lastly, in another familiar twist in the natural progression of Spears & Arrows, the company has brought on Chief Financial Officer, James Stern, also formerly of Backyard Productions. 


“It was a simple choice,” Wolk says. "I search for and pursue talent and integrity in all areas of my business. I like to surround myself with only the best, from directors to office staff.  I am, and always have been, a fiercely loyal team member.  If someone has done right by me in the past, I never forget. And I look for opportunities to bring those people into my circle. It was that way with Nick Piper and now with James Stern. I practice what I preach.”



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