Tele2 and INDIE launch the next data revolution: Unlimited date for just €25 really?!

On Wednesday 17 May, Tele2 will transform the mobile market in the Netherlands once and for all – by giving customers mobile internet the way it should be: unlimited data and unlimited calls, with outrageously fast 4G internet, for just €25 a month!

The heart of the campaign is astonishment at Tele2's offering. How’s it possible? How do they do it? Really?! Just because we can.

Rogier de Bruin and Emilio de Haan, Creative Directors at INDIE Amsterdam, on Tele2’s latest campaign: "Both the offering and the campaign are very in-your-face. But, of course, with Tele2’s signature fun, energy and exuberance. And uniquely, each film has its own soundtrack, produced by Big2 & Paul Laffree and sung by Braz and Pete Philly."

Cilesta van Doorn, Managing Director Brand & Communications at Tele2: "Everyone wants ideally to be able to stream Netflix, YouTube or Spotify all day long. In the campaign, we show that consumer need in our own distinctive and colorful Tele2 world."

Last year, INDIE Amsterdam and Tele2 won Lamps, SAN Accents, a Silver Effie and a Gold Esprix for
the campaign ‘Niet omdat het moet, maar omdat het kan’ ('Not because you have to, but because you can’). 


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