Telekom and DDB Budapest launch #FestivalBuddy to global audience

by Michela Galante , AdForum

Budapest August 12, 2015 - With Sziget Festival ( kicking off this week, Telekom, Hungary’s leading mobile operator and provider of 4G, teamed up with DDB Budapest to introduce the #FestivalBuddy ( to a global audience. The FestivalBuddy is a device that allows people from all over the world to attend the festival in a groundbreakingly new way.

During the summer, the ubiquitous music festivals dominate the entertainment and partying scene, but not all of us can afford these festivals - either financially or time wise. This is what Telekom aims to change. Its brand strategy centres around sharing, as the brand recognises that it is what makes humans social, caring and supportive. Life is for sharing.

This year, as part of the brand’s “We Bring Everyone to the Festival”, three “FestivalBuddies” were created; tele-presence bots that let users visit festivals, allowing people to not only watch and listen to what’s going on, but to truly interact with them. The Festival Buddies are soft and lightweight characters worn on the shoulders of specially recruited Buddy Guides at the event. The users can communicate with these “Buddy Guides” and other festival attendees through a live video connection: people see the users’ faces on tablets embedded in the heads of the characters. By pressing a button they are able to remote control the character’s hand, and make gestures like “fistbump”, “like” and can even squirt water at people. They can tell the guide where and what they would like to do: to pick up a boy or a girl (BuddyMe may even pay for the drink!), to see a concert or just talk with people who are eager to interact with a strange creature, or with whomever may be logged onto it. All of this experience depends on the quality of Telekom’s 4G mobile internet, the smooth HD stream serves as proof that even in crowded events with mass mobile usage, the operator’s service remains stable and reliable.

After a huge success at smaller festivals, the FestivalBuddies are now ready for Sziget, one of the largest music festivals in Europe, and named best major festival on the continent by EFA, European Festival Award. If you wish to attend through Festival Buddy, you can do so from August 12th till August 17th, 5PM – 9 PM CET (11 AM – 3 PM EDT) at Just check “Accept terms and conditions” and press “Enter BuddyMe” and give it a go. 

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