The world's best restaurant - thanks TAXI!

We love ash clouds. Because of the Icelandic ash cloud the entire Summit was delayed until May. During that time Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen was voted 'Best Restaurant in the World' by whichever knowledgeable body is responsible for these things. And Noma is the restaurant to which TAXI had chosen to bring the consultants after their presentation.

So, by accident, what was originally intended as a casual dinner to relax after a busy day, turned into an incredible event. Noma specialises in Scandinavian cuisine - specifically, Danish. As the food writer for the UK's Telegraph newspaper said: "It is rare to find such intelligent food served with such love. You can't help but love it back."

Okay, so the photos aren't great. But we were all far too interested in the delights of the kitchen to concentrate on taking a good shot. You can get a glimpse of just how pretty the dishes were - artfully sprinkled with fresh herbs and edible flowers.

Starter: raw scallops with basil.

Fish course: pollock with asparagus and tarragon jus.

Main course: Danish beef, served with leek rolled in ash and oonion flowers.

Dessert: rhubarb sorbet.

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