This “popcorn popping” chicken will make you smile before going for a checkup to Aster Hospital.

Humorous ad challenges the tedious tone used in the health industry

This amusing spot features a regular hen with an outstanding task: getting
people to seek professional advice, instead of self-medicating, when
experiencing severe heartburn. Marylu, the hen and star of the video,
conveys this message by eating raw corn and then digesting it into a popcorn
– a comedic analogy of the effects of this severe condition.

Aster Hospital, the marketer behind the spot, opted for this humorous tone
in an effort to connect with their target audience. ““The major problem
with heartburn is that it affects 20% of the worldwide population, but
people tend to self-medicate, further leading to serious complications. This
is why we chose an alternate approach when creating the last digital video.
The main character is a charismatic “popcorn popping” chicken that
connects with the target audience and persuades them to come to our hospital
for a checkup ”said Dr. Amal Upadhyay, Division Head of Internal Medicine
and Consultant in Gastroenterology of the institution.

“In today’s world, where there’s an overwhelming amount of
information, straightforward messages resonate better. We applied this
reasoning, plus the humor factor, when coming up with this video,” added
André Felix, VP/Creative Director for Y&R Miami, the agency that worked in
collaboration with The Classic Partnership to create this spot. The whole
video was directed by BRO’s Mario Patrocinio, who worked collaboratively
with Nebula Animation Studios. 

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