by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

July sees the launch of a partnership between Whiskas, the UK’s number 1 cat care brand and WWF, a global expert in big cat conservation, to help protect the world’s wild tigers. Through the charity activation, which is the biggest in Whiskas’ history, Whiskas will raise funds to support WWF’s global tiger conservation efforts, which aims to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.

As part of the campaign, a contribution from every special pack of Whiskas sold will go towards helping to protect a tiger for a day.

The fully integrated, through-the-line campaign includes a new bespoke television advert developed in partnership with AMV BBDO, which highlights the fact that wild tigers are endangered (since the start of the 20th Century, over 95% of the world’s wild tigers have disappeared with as few as 3,200 remaining) and shows consumers how they can join with Whiskas to help protect them.

The advert follows a tiger cub as it explores a jungle before transforming into the much loved silver tabby cat which is cared for by its owner. It demonstrates Whiskas’ understanding of the natural needs of all cats, building on Whiskas’ Big Cat Little Cat campaign, which launched in February 2013 and highlights the connection between small cats and their big cat cousins.

Helen Heasman, Premium Cat Portfolio Manager, Whiskas said: “At Whiskas we’re passionate about caring for all cats, both big and small, and understand that with as few as 3,200 remaining in the wild, tigers are in urgent need of our care. This is why we’re so privileged and excited to be partnering with WWF, as together this summer through pack sales we will raise £500,000 for WWF’s Tigers Alive initiative - which will support ongoing tiger conservation efforts to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.”

Paul Brazier, Executive Creative Director at AMV BBDO, said: “This is a powerful campaign which highlights the dangers wild tigers face. It is our intention to galvanise cat-owners into supporting the campaign and to really make a different in how they can, with Whiskas, help protect these beautiful creatures from extinction.”

David Nussbaum Chief Executive, WWF-UK, commented: “Wild tigers are at a tipping point and action, or inaction, in the coming decade will decide their fate. This is why initiatives such as our partnership with Whiskas are so important, providing another way for people to get involved and support WWF’s ambitious goal to double tiger numbers in the wild by 2022. High profile partnerships with organisations such as Whiskas can help us take our messages and work even further – to new audiences, in new and innovative ways – helping inspire everyone to take action and help protect our beautiful planet and its amazing wildlife”.

The campaign will be supported through-the-line with advertising, PR, in-store and on-pack promotional activity to help raise awareness of the endangered tiger population. This summer, the £500,000 raised from sales of special Whiskas ‘Help protect a tiger’ packs will support WWF’s Tigers Alive Initiative - a global multi-million pound programme. Whiskas’ funding will have a particular focus on WWF’s work in the Terai Arc region on Nepal, a project which forms part of this ambitious global programme.

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