Yelena Isinbaeva. The Final Vault

I’m not giving up. I’m moving forward.

TUTKOVBUDKOV Creative Agency teamed up with Adidas to produce the official farewell message of the pole vault legend, Yelena Isinbaeva, as part of the global #heretocreate campaign. The video continues the Agency’s branded-content strategy that began with OK GO’s zero gravity video for S7 Airlines earlier this year.

Yelena Isinbaeva, a record-shattering pole vaulter, with 28 world records and 2 Olympic golds behind her, was barred from participating in Rio 2016 despite her proven clean record and invaluable contribution to the sport. The 2016 Summer Olympics were supposed to become her swan song before she retired as an acting athlete.

On the day of the Women’s Pole Vault Finals in Rio, August 19, Yelena Isinbaeva released a video titled "The Final Vault" on her social pages.[ad 34530343]

In the video, she performs the vault in an empty track-and-field arena in her native Volgograd where most of her career’s training took place. She follows it up with a statement that this vault is her final act as an athlete but not her ultimate athletic achievement:

"No one can stop me. I’ll just keep reinventing myself"

By relating a story of her own personal struggle and overcoming barriers, Yelena has become one of the more vocal speakers for the #heretocreate campaign by Adidas. 

Since the video was released as a personal statement from Yelena during her press conference in Rio de Janeiro, this branded content promo from Adidas was picked up by every major TV channel in Russia, leading world news publications and the largest TV news network on YouTube, RT.

Soon after the launch of the video, Yelena Isinbaeva announced that she would be participating in an open women’s training event, Adidas Urban Tri — and in doing so, she broke another record and generated a staggering 20,000 registrations for the event is Moscow’s Museon Park in 4 days. She participated in iconic training event leading thousands of women on their way to their best selves.

The final vault of Yelena Isinbaeva became the most-talked about #heretocreate event by Adidas Russia. More than 500,000,000 impressions were gathered for the video that was never intended to be a promo — instead, it became a real-life story of conflict and achievement by a legendary athlete.

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