AdForum is a leading information company on advertising agencies and advertising creative work. It is used by corporate marketers and agency professionals for their various research needs.


The leading online search directory of advertising agencies around the world. There is information on over 20,000 agencies, large and small and marketers can find agencies based on either a very specific search request (e.g., type, specialty, size, location, etc.) or simply by typing in the agencies name or a geographical market. This service is used by thousands of corporate marketers each month to support their agency search and review needs.

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Our searchable library of creative work includes over 90,000 different ads (tv, print, interactive and outdoor) from over 110 countries around the world. These ads are viewable online in production quality and can also be produced on CD/Rom and DVD for overnight delivery. We have over 4,000 subscribers that use AdFolio to come up with new idea, stay on top of what’s hot and to meet other creative research/monitoring needs. Over 75% of the work includes fill credits including agency, client, campaign, creative director, production company, etc.