Managing Change While Delivering Results.

David Jones, who recently moved into the top spot as global CEO, is already looking forward. Yes there have been some major changes with people coming and going. And there was a re-organization at Havas, the holding company, with Vincent Bollore emerging as the chairman as well as largest shareholder.

For Jones, however, the focus is on their many strengths.

“There is some change, but beneath that there's a core group of people with nine to 10 years in the network, who have also delivered the growth and thinking. So there's a huge amount of consistency,” he said.

He believes they can deliver better ideas because they have the better people. And ideas deliver the growth.

While they're dogged by perception vs. reality, he said the real reality is that they have amazing talent and a great creative product and a multicultural organization that can deliver integration on an international scale. Sort of the hybrid BBH -TBWA.

Certainly they've produced some impressive advertising and new business wins.

Jeff Kling, well-known veteran of Wieden & Kennedy, who's now the chief creative officer in New York, showed new work for Jaguar and Charles Schwab.

The agency has had great successes with luxury brands and Jaguar appears to be following suit. The position summed up in one word “gorgeous” uses a campaign of television commercials, tease ads and tie-ins with events and films.

Charles Schwab, or Chuck, is slated to become the Frank Perdue of discount brokerages. And the “Talk to Chuck” campaign, leading people to the web or 800 number, takes good advantage of a common, folksy approach.

George Gallate, a veteran of EuroRSCG, is also upbeat. Previously CEO of the 4D unit, responsible for all data, direct and digital communications, he's now CEO of Asia-Pacific, India and the Middle East.

Gallate is passionate about integrated communications and particularly about their recognition at Cannes this year with the most awards for digital communications.

And Stephane Fouks, executive co-chairman of EuroRSCG Worldwide, is equally sanguine.

He said they deliver what clients are asking for: a deeper exploitation of excellence, proven delivery of integration and a fully integrated company all under one brand name.

As he summed up the new Havas: “We have time. We have money. We are back.”