Reach Without Compromise

What a difference a year makes. The re-emergence of Lowe is underway, led by Tony Wright, who came on as president and CEO of Lowe Worldwide last October.

What he found then was admittedly a “mess” yet the incredible heritage of Frank Lowe was still well intact.

Wright, considered one of the best account planners in the business, said his training as a planner kicked in immediately. After spending time with clients he recognized the need to reach consumers globally, with powerful core ideas, and make the communications seamless across borders. A goal he's embraced.

Today the Lowe team, including Susan Cantor, CEO, and Mark Wnek, chief creative officer of the New York office, and Ed Powers, COO, Peter Leinroth, global account director, and Mathew Bull, chief creative officer of Lowe Worldwide, are using their considerable energies to rebuild, refocus and reach consumers around the world in new and innovative ways.

The agency has a well-deserved reputation for doing great work for complex clients in tough categories--from detergents and deodorants to toilet bowl cleaners and margarine. And they showcased some their international work for Unilever, Rexona, Tesco, Nestle and Milk. Some even brought home Lions from Cannes.

The agency has much going for it. “We are Professional Grade” for GMC trucks. Having a Baby Changes Everything,” for long-term client Johnson & Johnson. “Live Life With All your Heart” for Becel margarine. “The Axe Effect.” “The Alpha Shopper” for a new Macy's campaign. And the enduring Stella Artois campaign, still “Reassuringly Expensive,” now in its 15th year and going strong.

Wright described their award-winning output as examples of the Holy Grail of great ideas on a global scale crossing all geographic borders.

One of the pillars of the new Lowe going forward is a network of “lighthouses.” They've chosen a dozen agencies around the world as a way to focus their resources, provide hands-on talent and remove barriers between the agencies and clients so they can act faster, better and more efficiently.

The future for Lowe is definitely looking brighter.