MPG: A Young Network on the Fast Track

In the last five years, MPG has gone from covering two markets to 95 global markets located at strategic points all around the world.

With its strong roots in Spain, Portugal and France, it's been the fastest growing media planning and communications network in Europe since 2000. And with Charlie Rutman now leading the charge as CEO of MPG North America, their client list continues to grow.

Maria Luisa Francoli, CEO of the MP network, attributes their success to many factors. For one, MPG is a global network of local teams that demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit on the home front yet a high level of cooperation and knowledge sharing at the international level. (RECMA awarded the network an A+ on that factor.)

Rutman, previously president of Carat USA and with many years experience in the business, sees MPG's major strengths to be accountability and business results for their clients and greater knowledge and insights of the consumer and markets. And don't underestimate the organization's commitment to service and “ETDBW”--they pride themselves on being easy to do business with.

While offering a full range of communications solutions, including digital and direct, content integration and creativity and sports marketing, MPG also offers qualitative and quantitative research tools and a strong analytic team for tapping into the consumer.

In fact, the consumer is at the core of their discipline. And their successes with Volvo, Danone, Schering Plough and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, to name a few, showcase their skills. With Royal Caribbean they took a particularly creative and innovative approach to reach a younger demographic, redefining the cruise category while dramatically increasing bookings.

Helping their clients stay ahead of the curve, around the world, is what they like to do best.