At Red Cell, Local Flavors are Fused With Global Vision

Red Cell CEO Andy Berlin entertained a crowd of consultants at the 2005 AdForum Summit in New York, where he was joined by fellow agency heads from his global network. They spoke of unity but also recognized individual achievement by local talent.

According to Berlin, there is a bright road ahead for this group. "Within this network are very good agencies, and our network has already been asked in a large international pitch," he said. The network spans the globe all the way from Norway, England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Argentina and the US. In fact, several hot TV ads were produced in the network agencies in Norway and England.

However, Red Cell realizes that each local office is still the hero. Competitors such as BBDO and Fallon have come out of strong local offices, Red Cell claims. Several heads of local agencies part of the network spoke, emphasizing that what makes them distinctive is their innovation and personal involvement in their client's business.

Berlin asserted that the network focused on action. "We have faith in each other and take a proactive approach to client's problems," he said. "We have retained such flagship accounts as Pfizer and Ralston-Purina to name a few."

"It's exciting to be part of this new kind of network," said Eva Gutierrez of agency Rushmore in Madrid, to a loud applause.

Touching up on that point was the head of the network agency in Milan. "We are here to make the world a little better place," he said cheeringly.