ROI is the Mantra at ZenithOptimedia

For Steve King, chief executive at ZenithOptimedia Worldwide, the bottom line is simple. Deliver for your clients the optimum return for their advertising investment.

For King and his team, including Tim Jones, CEO of New York operations, Wendy Marquardt, COO, and Bruce Goerlich, EVP of strategic resources, their efforts are all channeled at increasing marketing productivity for their clients. And fine-tuning their set of proprietary tools that help them effectively reach an increasingly diverse and sophisticated consumer audience in a complex media world.

A leading global media services agency with 170 offices in 60 countries, Zenith started out in the late 1980s, at a time when the media landscape was very different.

Today they offer media planning, buying, evaluation and coordination to a wide range of advertisers, including JPMorgan Chase, Nestle and L'Oreal, and also manage media activity for the Publicis Group agency system. And network television has become just part of the mix.

King said two of the biggest changes in they face are the impact of technology, including the younger generation building their own media networks, and the empowerment of consumers.

But then Zenith does have its secret weapons.

The ZOOM (ZenithOptimedia Optimization of Media) tools, such as the TV Analyzer that measures effective reach, are designed to add value and insight. And Touchpoints is a research tool that determines multiple connection points consumers make with brands, emotional and intellectual, which can be predictive of market share. It can also help prioritize the points of contact in addition to the various channels of communication.

Zenith's ROI blueprint is obviously resulting in successful planning for their many global clients. However they're already thinking ahead to how the emerging technologies and media landscape will continue to change over the next 10 years.

For sure they, and their marketing partners, will be prepared.