TitleIKEA: Passport Challenge
BriefWould you be able to find your passport in 30 seconds? Global furniture powerhouse, IKEA teamed up with Skype to invite users to take the Passport Challenge. Once selected users clicked on the banner ad, they had 30 seconds to find their passport and flash it in front of the screen. Winners were awarded with a free vacation – but losers didn’t walk away empty handed. IKEA sent the less organised folk a Lekman storage unit to help them better organise their lives.
Campaign IKEA: Passport Challenge
Advertiser IKEA
Brand IKEA Storage Solutions
PostedNovember 2016
Business Sector Drugstores, Specialty Stores
Story IKEA's storage solutions help people to organise their stuff, even in small homes.
Problem As part of its ‘Joy of Storage’ campaign, IKEA teamed up with Skype to create a rich media banner that tested the reliability of people’s home storage. The Passport Challenge asked Skype users if they’d like to win a £450 holiday. After accepting and activating their webcam, participants were surprised by a 30-second countdown in which they had to locate their passport and take a photo with it. Built in Flash, the throwback banner cleverly combines technology with the common human tendency of misplacing passports to gain further insights to people’s storage habits.
Media Type Digital

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