TitleLet us Bully You - In Virtual Reality
Campaign Let Us Bully You - In Virtual Reality
Advertiser UR (The Swedish Educational Broadcast Company)
Brand UR (The Swedish Educational Broadcast Company)
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Colleges, Universities & Education Centers
Story Execution
We created one campaign film to spark awareness. To bring curiosity about the “experience” we left much of the virtual reality content out, in favor of people's reactions from the experience itself. We asked different influencers to spread the film. Both people directly involved in the experiment but also others involved in issue of bullying. Through bloggers, Facebook and twitter the film and the virtual experience became viral. Via YouTube 360, Facebook 360 or via an app SVT360, we launched the virtual reality experience as a 360-solution for people to be bullied themselves.The platform for the campaign was UR’s Facebook page. The campaign were also distributed on YouTube. All campaign components were launched the first day of the campaign and the media budget was executed the day after. The campaign started 6th of April and ran two weeks. But the virtual reality experience will be available for anyone indefinetly.
With a total media budget of only 400 € distributed on sponsored ads on Facebook, this campaign has exceeded all expectations, being the most engaging phenomenon ever for UR. The audience for this campaign was the vast majority of Swedes and during the first 4 days of the campaign the main video reached more than 20% of the total Swedish population. It had an engagement rate of more than 16% (people been exposed to the campaign that has engaged in some way - liked, comment or shared the film).More than 220 000 people has tested the 360° bullying experience on Facebook.The campaign also created strong engagement among teachers interacting, sharing and commenting on the campaign material and they’re also requesting this experience to become a part of the national school curriculum. The campaign has been covered in many of Sweden’s biggest news-, tech- and trend sites.
Around 60 000 school children are being bullied in Sweden every year, a figure that hasn’t changed during the last 30 years. The Swedish Educational Broadcast Company, UR has highlighted this problem by producing a program series around the issue of bullying. The brief for this campaign was to raise awareness about UR’s focus on bullying and to get the audience to react and bring the topic to the table. Especially among adults (teachers, parents and influencers) who has the responsibility and the real power to create a change.The objective was to reach such a broad target audience as possible in Sweden and make them aware of UR’s program series and focus on bullying. Furthermore the objective was also to bring in new perspectives to the open discussions around bullying.
We started the project by making deep interviews and conducted web surveys to get an understanding on the problem. Regardless story or situation, answers were the same. People don't have tools to handle bullying situations and therefore it's easier for them to close their eyes than to act. Especially among adults, who are responsible for well being of kids in school. It’s the adults that have the power to make a change, care and stand up for all kids being bullied.We wanted to reach both young people, teachers, parents and influencers The best platform to find these target groups and to create engagement was on Facebook. We decided to produce a tool that brings insight to what it’s like to be bullied. We wanted to give people a tool and an experience they can't ignore. Through virtual reality we made bullied kids reality real.
Due to the limited budget provided by UR (The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) we needed to rely on the public’s ability and willingness to experience bullying and share our message. Together with selected cultural influencers, such as musicians, writers, teachers, journalists etc, we managed to reach 20 % of Swedish population in just four days.The campaign has given UR a voice in the public space of bullying making them relevant, modern and bold in the eyes of consumers and teachers. This campaign has been the most successful campaign ever for UR in terms of social engagement, reach and interest.
Campaign Description
To make a change for bullied kids we targeted adults and produced a tool that brings insight what it’s like to be bullied as a kid. Through virtual reality based on true events we opened the eyes of everyone who can make a change. Not just teachers or parents but everyone with the power to speak out towards bullying. The result was an virtual reality experience impossible to ignore. To spread this tool we produced a campaign film in which strong influencers (journalists, writers, psychologists, musicians etc) and ordinary people were documented experiencing the VR-experience. The documented event took place where the actual experience was recorded – the same classroom and in the same chair as the bullied victim. None of the participants knew what they were about to experience.The film was released as a teaser for the Virtual reality experience which instantly became viral in social media.
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