Press Releases - CZAR Amsterdam - CZAR Amsterdam Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2019 ‘Baskèts,’ the Debut Film of CZAR’s New Director Philip de Iongh CZAR - Amsterdam welcomes their new director Philip de Iongh to their roster upon the premiere of their new film for Amsterdam based store concept and lifestyle brand Baskèts. This new film showcases Philip’s unique take on directing that he has carefully developed throughout a decade of working as one of the most wanted assistant directors within country borders.
With a clear objective in mind, Philip graduated with flying colors from the Amsterdam Film School where he made his first short film ‘Naar Binnen’, resulting in the takeoff of several new projects. He has since released a light and catchy film highlighting the traditional and personal aspects of restaurant chain Spaghetteria, his recent launch for Baskèts being his biggest commercial to date.
The film delves into the lives of different young adults coming from various underground scenes in Amsterdam. Philip presents them within their individual worlds yet manages to create a single atmosphere by making the passion emoted by them the real protagonist, instead of the characters themselves. 

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The Surreal World of Bear Damen Bear Damen is a filmmaker in heart and soul, living for the story and the image, he’s as lovingly obsessive over performance as he is over the use of lenses, film stock, and other technicalities of the medium.

Co-produced by Czar Amsterdam and CousCous LA, his new film for Dutch pop artist Benny Sings’ Not Enough, is another peak into the surreal world that is Damen’s imagination. Each scene has its own surreal resonance that keeps the viewer’s eyes locked on the screen; all linked to his interpretation of the music. Described by the director as a “paradisiacal, pleasantly tormented succession of situations,” the film keeps you guessing whether it is all dreamt up by the artist as he simultaneously listens in on these characters living in a world so very different from his own. Not Enough is music video craftsmanship you don’t want to miss. 

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Frekkel wins the 2018 Gouden Loeki. Last night the main prize for the best Dutch commercial of the year, the 2018 Gouden Loeki, was once again won by production company Czar Amsterdam. This year for the unashamedly sentimental spot; Frekkel, directed by Martin Werner. 

The Dutch National Lottery launched the winning spot in the month of December 2018, just before New year’s Eve. The film tells the story of a not so genetically blessed dog who runs away from home.

The commercial, directed by Martin Werner, is not the first commercial from Czar Amsterdam that has won the prestigious award. Frekkel actually took home the 12th Gouden Loeki. It follows in the footsteps of Rogier van der Ploeg’s, Rolo – Elephant commercial who won the Golden Loeki of all time in 1996.

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Deal with the dark, just follow the white rabbit; an enchanting film for Ikea Once again director Floris Kingma (Czar Amsterdam), Havas Lemz and Ikea partnered up, this time to bring seasonal enlightenment in these dark and gloomy days.
The protagonist – a young girl - magically takes you through a variety of scenes, cleverly glued together with in-camera trickery. On the way, the wonderful poetic voice-over takes you along an ingenious metaphor related to inner happiness. A useful insight to deal with the winter blues, because a change of scenery does give energy, doesn’t it? 

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How dog Frekkel teaches us to be grateful for the old as we approach the new Martin Werner’s new film with ‘star on the rise Frekkel’ fills your heart with gratitude. We all wish our bank account has more zeros. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the little things (or dogs) in life we already have. Director Martin Werner teamed up with Czar Amsterdam for the New Year’s film for the Dutch Lottery. Werner introduces the Dutch to Frekkel and his whopping performance. Frekkel has become the Dutch’ favorite hashtag.
Frekkel – not your typical showdog – overheard his owners dreaming of winning the lottery: ‘If we win that 30 million, I only want beautiful things'. The somewhat crippled dog heads out – worried to be replaced for a more beautiful luxury pet. When his owners realize their precious dog has gone missing, they desperately search for their pet. When Frekkel returns home, the owners reward the finders with a lottery ticket. Because in the end, it’s love that counts. 

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Director Marit Weerheijm on Free the Bid Born in Utrecht in 1992, Marit Weerheijm is a young Dutch director based in Amsterdam. In 2016, she graduated as a director of fiction films from the Netherlands Film Academy with her short film, ‘When Grey is a Colour’. This film won the prestigious Student Academy Award, the Oscars for student films. Next to that, the film gathered two jury awards at TIFF Kids and was selected for multiple international film festivals.

Marit’s work is based on subtle storytelling, with a strong fascination for interpersonal relationships, particularly within family ties. She has a love for intimate films with now and then a touch of magic realism. 

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Female Director Sophie Dros Beats The Cliché With New Music Video ‘Let The Tits Out’ Czar Amsterdam’s director Sophie Dros created the new music video for Dutch rap group; De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Let the Tits out.

When first hearing the title of the track most people would think of woman’s breast. Sophie Dros took a different turn. Instead of your typical hip hop and rap music videos were women are often objectified, she chose to feature men – the breast of plus-sized men, not only to confuse but also to amaze the audience.The video kicks off with shots of oiled bodies, nipples, and even juggling and playing tennis with silicone stress boob-balls. The overall feeling of the music video should radiate freedom. Just like the song says; ‘let it breathe and let the tits out’. The video marks a statement. The silver lining; encouragement and body positivity. 

The stage direction was to be a 100% yourself and to own what you got. Director Sophie Dros stated: ‘’There was such a good and positive atmosphere in the studio. I get that it’s difficult to put yourself out there – when you don’t fit ‘society’s ideal body standards’, but these men went for it, like a boss. It felt like a birthday party, we were throwing with water balloons and drinking champagne. It’s a humoristic video with an important message. I wonder if this video will be censored, if it were women covered in oil, having a pillow fight and letting their tits out, the video would get censored.’’

At Czar Amsterdam Sophie Dros once again showed that her work is far beyond the normative boxes of society. Sophie’s work is quite provocative, she rethinks standardized genres to make commercial work or music videos that stand out. She works on themes that are rather politically incorrect. The rise of female filmmakers in this genre is important for Sophie.  

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Patta, Dekmantel and Czar Amsterdam merge fashion, music and film into one hypnagogic collaboration Surreal film dreamt up by Czar Amsterdam’s Bear Damen teases new capsule clothing collection by Patta & Dekmantel

Today marks the launch of a new film born out of a collaboration between Czar Amsterdam’s Bear Damen, Dutch streetwear brand Patta and pioneering music festival and record label Dekmantel. The trio joined forces to produce a film that celebrates their continuing collaboration by telling a visual story about contrasting worlds coming together in a dream-like atmosphere, accompanied by a music piece that releases on Dekmantel Records.

Czar, Patta and Dekmantel have previously worked together on “What a World” – a collaboration made last year for the same occasion where fashion and music came together by Patta & Dekmantel. The release of this collection is illustrated through a unique film and this is where Czar comes into play.

In this project, Bear used various film stocks, lenses, and aspect ratios to emphasize the differences between two characters and their worlds. Bear experimented with these tools and diverse techniques to look for different accents and texture that might highlight the diverse perspectives of life through film. To achieve the feeling of harmony between two separate films and worlds, Bear worked together with good friend Paul Ozgur, an award-winning cinematographer from Los Angeles.

Bear commented: “I’m always excited to work with these guys. I love Patta, their ideas, style and charming Amsterdam mentality and I identify with Dekmantel because I love their musical sensitivity: deep music that can totally hypnotize you and speaks to the spirit.”

Czar Producer, Levi Rijper said: “It’s amazing and of course challenging to translate an abstract idea from Bear’s head into an actual film. Each element of this film plays an important role and the chemistry that we had on set was surreal. The crew was extremely precise and talented. We were lucky that people had a lot of faith in this project, Patta and Dekmantel allowed Bear to really explore his creativity without being restrained to a strict brief. Many talented people worked on this project, including our main actress, Olivia Lonsdale who did a wonderful job and Majd Mardo, a brilliant rising star who already won a Gouden Kalf (the Dutch Oscar).” 

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