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About TYO Production Inc.

TYO has spent the past 30 years growing and changing together with the advertisement industry. We have had many successes in areas such as commercials, interactive content, marketing communications and related entertainment production.

The current state of the advertising industry demands maximum efficiency in communication making use of many forms of old and new media. Commercials, being a form of mass advertising, have a lasting effect which is deeply embedded into the consumer’s lifestyle. In addition, the incipient stages of interactive advertising found mostly on the Internet are over and this kind of advertising has now become a vital component to business in the exchanging of information with consumers. Expertise in effective gauging is evolving and becoming easier to understand. Mass advertising and interactive advertising are like a hybrid vehicle engine and electric motor as they complement and magnify each other to bring to life highly effective advertising that we have never seen before.

There are many types of media intermixed in today’s world. Fundamentally, every advertiser must ask themselves “What do I want to express to the consumer with this media?” and “How do I express that idea using this media?” This is the core of creative advertising. These basics need to be reaffirmed.

The birth of creativity comes from the mind of the creator. Outstanding creators bring those ideas together in an environment in which they can sufficiently display their creativity. Since the establishment of TYO, its biggest asset has been the growth of a structure which connects the creator’s talents to business success. This has led to the establishment of our own unique expertise.

In July of 2010, we combined each business entity in the group corporation which had been restricted to a single genre before. This created an “Advertising Contents General Production Corporation” which can handle any creative advertising need transcending genres. (It goes without saying that we are keeping the diversity of multi-brands) TYO is further enriched by the quality and quantity provided by talents who have a “communication first” mind set. Not stopping there, we also take responsibility for fixating this to the final expression and round out the technology and structure parts of the production.

The way things are going, the advertising industry will continue to evolve this with this structure in the future. TYO treats change and even crisis as a big opportunity and is strongly prepared to meet the needs of the times. We hope everyone the best in their endeavors and look forward to working with you in the future. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We at TYO work for the world’s most outstanding companies, we are extremely grateful that we can create advertising for the world’s most prosperous consumers, and we shall endeavor to make use of our originality and inventiveness in building a good relationship between companies and consumers in which both parties acknowledge each other’s value and provide mutual benefits.