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18 avenue Messine
Paris 75008
Phone: (+33) (0)1 58 36 00 36

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Awards: 68

Creative Work: 27

Awards: 68

Creative Work: 27

Barrera Prod.

18 avenue Messine
Paris 75008
Phone: (+33) (0)1 58 36 00 36

About Barrera Prod.

BARRERA PROD is a publishing and music production company with its own mixing and recording studio, owned and managed by Bruno Lambert.
Company Overview
BARRERA PROD is specialised in commercials sound tracks, original scores, sound design, dubbing, voice over and mixing.
THE STUDIO has been the first one in France to instal a SSL DUALITY desk, at 5 minutes from CHAMPS-ELYSÉES, ETOILE and PARC MONCEAU.

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


SSL Duality 48ch console with SE software
Pro Tools HD Native with SSL AD/DA converters
Mutec word clock
Monitors 5.1 ProAc studio 100 with Bryston amp
Monitor 2.1 Lipinsky 707 with Lipinsky amps
Auratone speakers with Crown D75 amp
Pro Tools HD3 with Apogee Rosetta 800 and Big Ben
LG plasma HD screen
Black Magic vidéo card


UREI 1176 blackface limiter
GML 8002 stereo EQ
Chandler LTD1 Preamp-EQ
Chandler LTD2 Comp
Neve 33609 stéreo comp
DYNAX stereo comp
Lexicon 960 full option with Lynx Aurora converter


Neuman U67 vintage mics
Shure SM57
AKG 414
RE 20 Electrovoice
Schoeps CMC
Royer ribbon


Altiverb / Soundtoys / Oxford / Focusrite / Waves / Melodyne / Drumagog / BFD 2 / Guitar Rig / Kontact 3 / Brainworks 

Our Work

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