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Fredriksberg C 1879
Phone: (+45) 7020 2286

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Awards: 34

Bacon X

Fredriksberg C 1879
Phone: (+45) 7020 2286

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About Bacon X

We are BaconX. As the name suggests, we are close family to the girls and guys at Bacon Production. We are family, but not married. In fact we’ve already solved a great deal of jobs for clients outside Bacon and we Love it! 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The frontmen in X are Jonas Drehn & Jan Tvilling. We’re two highly experienced guys that were pioneering and shaping leading Danish Postproduction houses, right from the early years.

Actually, we’ve spend so many years in Post that we decided to run BaconX based on a different philosophy, -now it is; “-we are not doing Post…! –we are doing Visual Effects” Allright…, -we are still color grading adding graphics and fixing shots, and we love doing it. But using the term “Post” is, in our opinion, quite wrong. We prefer “Pre”

VFX needs a lot of Preproduction and should be developed and designed in close collaboration with the director long before anyone yells “Action” , to help evolve the idea, the treatment, the Film and always with a good respect for the overall production budget.

We are doing that very efficiently with the directors and producers from Bacon. Not because we’re on the same address, (-most of the time people are somewhere else in the world anyway), but because they are open to our ideas and shows us a great trust. In fact so much, that we often step in as co-directors on VFX sequences. It is clearly a great relief for a busy director, to have us taking responsibility and lead on basically everything regarding the VFX sequences.

On 100% VFX driven ideas, we are even ready to direct the entire film.

Do not hesitate to send us boards, we will give it a go or maybe hand it over to one other of BaconX’s very talented director teams. Please have a look at their exquisite work on this site.

While you are at it, please take a peek at some of our own work. 

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