TitleThe Package
Production Company
Campaign The Package
Advertiser TINE Norske Meierier
Brand Brown Cheese
Business Sector Cheese
Story Cultural information: The brown cheese is known (and awarded) as the most iconic. Norwegian product of all. 
Philosophy A young vietnamese man runs through the streets of Hanoi with a package in his hand. He runs towards the train, but just misses it, and has no other choice than to keep on running. We follow his journey through and out of the city, through the beautiful scenery of the vietnamese countryside. At the same time we see two young backpackers, trying to find their way to something. In the end, they enter a small cafe, and we see that our young vietnamese already is there – and they meet up. The young vietnamese opens the package, takes out a brown cheese from Norway and bursts out in perfect Norwegian: 'I told you I would fix the evening meal' - and weunderstand that he is as Norwegian as his two fellow travellers. He explains that his mother has sent the cheese from Norway and his friends are truly happy. The local baker serves them dark bread (as Norwegians like it) and we see a packshot of the meal with the super: 'What makes Norwegians Norwegian.' 
Media Type Television & Cinema
Art Director
Production Company Producer
Production Company Producer
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