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Smolensko 10D-37
Vilnius LT01118
Phone: (+370) 61471842

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Basic Info

Founded in: 2011

Employees: 11

The Magic

Smolensko 10D-37
Vilnius LT01118
Phone: (+370) 61471842
Aurimas Pukevičius

Aurimas Pukevičius

Executive producer

Phone: (+370) 614 71842

Ruta Jekentaite

Phone: (+370) 61 471 774

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About The Magic

Production service unit with creative superpowers. 

We work hard. No shift is too long if it results in perfection. We encourage creativity. From skilled actors to crafty set builders - we know talent when we see it. we deliver perfection on time. We have the secret formula for a perfect balance of pace and quality. It works like magic every time. 


English, Spanish, German, Russian
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Magic is something we plan, produce, craft. It’s not an accident. We have a solid top notch team able to be as flexible as you need: creatively, technically, logistically. We tackle all production issues without stress and with imagination. We are based in the place which is emerging as hotspot for shooting your ads – Lithuania. Think of it as a tiny mix of Germany, Scandinavia and a dash of fun: very efficient, profoundly professional, beautiful locations and no bureaucracy whatsoever. 

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