Press Releases - MADAM - MADAM Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2019 PSN Signs MADAM as Exclusive UK Partner Madam Films has joined the prestigious global production community, Production Service Network, as their exclusive partner for the UK.

Leading UK production service company, Madam Films, has become the latest country partner within the industry-recognised Production Service Network (PSN). The global community of service companies, founded by Michael Moffett, brings partners from almost 50 worldwide locations together as a one stop shop that harnesses local support to service shoots worldwide.

Each partner is heavily vetted and chosen for their formidable experience, depth of knowledge, production value & having demonstrated expertise at delivering shoot support to the most demanding clients. Joining a global community of such highly regarded production expertise, is a recognition of the role MADAM plays in service production for the UK. MADAM’s recent client list includes Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Google, Samsung, Movistar, Pepsi to name a few from all corners of the globe including USA, South Africa, South America & the Middle East.

To learn more about PSN and shooting with MADAM in the UK, please click through to the UK country page on PSN’s site here or the MADAM website here.

Carly Stone, Executive Producer & Co-Founder, Madam Films: ‘MADAM has been following PSN and tracking the quality of work and clients that they offer their services to. When the opportunity arose for the UK partner, it felt a natural step to join the community of expert global service producers’ 

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A Madam Films World Cup Hat-Trick for Coca-Cola, The Star Film Co & Nigeria’s Super Eagles MADAM’s latest full service production starred the Nigerian football team, The Super Eagles for Coca-Cola & Ogilvy Ghana. Working closely with South African production company The Star Film Co and their director Cindy Lee, the project had a lead time of just 10 days from brief to shoot for a schedule to include stills, live action on location & BTS at a live international football match.

A number of production challenges were expertly navigated by the MADAM team. Liaising closely with the team’s manager to ensure the least disruption to their football schedule across the three shoot days, coinciding with the Nigeria v Serbia friendly at west London football club, Barnet’s home ground. Management and handling of an international star team and their recognised players. Specific location needs to match a Nigerian visual aesthetic within a one mile radius of the team’s ground, The Hive. Last minute access and BTS filming and support on a live match day. The ability to have a full stills and live action crew, including stills photographer, in place and be ready to go at a moment’s notice with numerous scheduling changes.

Carly Stone, Executive producer & Co-Founder, Madam Films: ‘Filming with major footballers has become a MADAM niche, especially with the World Cup on the horizon. We had not worked with an entire squad before and it was a great experience being so involved with the Super Eagles during their UK visit. It was a fast moving and changeable project in every aspect. The production team were active and alert to bring the best production value and solutions to capture all the required assets during the team’s busy match and training days’.

As production timelines shrink, the ability to respond with speed and expert knowledge has great value. Working with clients in international time zones across fast turnaround jobs is a MADAM speciality and had the MADAM team working with their usual passion and verve.

Recognised for their ability to bring a commercial producer’s eye and expert knowledge to production service, MADAM was able to add intrinsic value to the creative challenges & number of variables that the production needs brought.

Michelle Stapleton, Executive Producer & Co-Founder, Madam Films: ‘Cindy’s ability to adapt the script really helped production deal with the ever changing schedule within our very few prep days. We jumped many hurdles in order to bring a seamless production together for The Star Film Co and again I couldn’t have managed this without our incredible crew’. 

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Madam Films, Hoehn Motors & MeadsDurket Give a Lesson In Britishness Production service company, Madam Films, provided the backdrops to a British masterclass for USA agency MeadsDurket and their long time client, Hoehn Motors. 

Hoehn Motors recently had the opportunity to bring a jam-packed slice of Britishness to their latest TVC for the American market. Working with their longtime agency, MeadsDurket and with MADAM as their UK production support, the 2 day multiple location shoot delivered three commercials and additional variations.

A highly collaborative production, with input from MADAM to ensure British authenticity, meant greater creative production support than a standard service production. Close communication across creative working with the director and ECD, MADAM’s knowledge as producers in commercials and on the ground in the UK and, a first for MADAM, having clients as lead talent all created a production sweet spot. It was a close working, respectful and highly enjoyable production. With a tight and fast moving two days with eleven locations across central London, expertise was paramount in achieving the desired outcome.

MADAM Executive Producer & Producer on the project: Michelle Stapleton Showcasing British culture with the challenges of being location-heavy, extremely ambitious creative & a limited budget and to have pulled it off seamlessly is a proud moment. It’s a fantastic example of showing our clients that our city is not out of reach financially. We couldn’t do it without the expertise of our crew, which never goes unnoticed with our clients.

Tony Durket, Founder, MeadsDurket, USA: ‘Madam did an outstanding job! One of the most ambitious projects we have ever attempted and it was pulled off brilliantly by Michelle and the crew. I’m honoured to have worked with such an amazing company’.

Locations across London included the historic Middle Temple, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Embankment, Albert Embankment & Jermyn Street at one of London’s busiest times of year, the Christmas lead up. 

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A Step Back in Time for X Factor Winner James Arthur’s Latest Promo serviced by Madam Films British singer & songwriter, James Arthur, returns to the UK charts with his latest single, NAKED, with Madam Films providing the service production for the promo.

Shot at Black Island studios across one day, the MADAM crew recreated a late 1950’s early 1960’s live television studio, complete with original television cameras. Directed by Mario Clement of German production company, EASYdoesit for Sony.

The premise is a romantic short story with Arthur as the host and interviewer of his own live television programme. In the story, Arthur finds himself in the uncomfortable position of interviewing a special guest, played by Cressida Bonas, who happens to be the woman he is in love with. As the story continues, the drama unfolds on screen live in front of an audience of millions.

Black Island studios became home for the one-day shoot with two immaculately recreated sets comprising of the live television studio and an everyday living room. This brought an opportunity to source exceptional art department with immense attention to detail.

Our one-week turnaround for pre-production required experienced Heads of Department who were able to pull out all the stops in such a short space of time. Production Designer Russell De Rozario’s input to the set was imperative. Having the caliber of MADAM favourite De Rozario on the crew and his network of contacts brought with it the opportunity to bring two original cameras down to London from Birmingham.

The final sets, coupled with wardrobe, hair & makeup finely tuned to the era, created a genuinely believable and atmospheric shoot.

Carly Stone, Executive Producer & Founder, Madam Films: ‘It has been quite a few years since MADAM has produced a music video and it was the opening sentence of Mario’s treatment, the film being based upon one of his dreams, that instantly drew MADAM in. We were keen to be involved in a narrative piece and partner with the talented EASYDoesit crew to step back into the 50’s/60’s, allowing us to work creatively with our UK crew. ‘ 

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UK Production Insider


The English Premier League has kicked off and to celebrate the new season & influence of this truly global sport, MADAM's showcase has a distinctly football theme. 


Did You Know....

Club training grounds are often some distance from their stadiums so, with UK/London traffic, travel time can be higher than expected:

Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in London v Hertfordshire training ground
Chelsea's Stamford Bridge v Surrey training ground
Manchester United's Old Trafford v Aon Training Complex

Most footballers train daily and are not available until early afternoon

High-profile footballers have their regular body doubles on many brands

For some Premiership clubs, it's not unusual to see multiple crews at the end of training days, filming their individual player 


Our Hat-Trick

Here's a trio of MADAM serviced TVCs starring Premier League footballers: Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez & Elneny & on location at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea's John Obi Mikel before he moved to China.

Just click on the image below to view! 


& season means Fantasy Football Leagues!

Madam Bhatt has her squad in place at Fantasy Premier League

send your league codes to & let's kick off the new season together! 


Madam Films - At Your Service 

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UK Production Insider

The UK is basking in a glorious Summer and lucky for us, our Cannes tans are still in place.

Daylight hours are at their longest in July - 16.5 hours, 16 hours in August.

Our renowned expertise is at your disposal, let us help you to explore the possibilities of shooting throughout the UK...

Here's a selection of recent MADAM service productions for our friends from Chile & Sweden. 


Movistar & Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez 

We had the pleasure of welcoming the wonderful La Fuerza Producciones, Chile to London. With their client Movistar and brand ambassador and Premier League footballer, Alexis Sanchez, MADAM created an incredible time travel into the future. Working with our elite list of suppliers, Millenium FX turned 28 year old Sanchez into his future 80 year old self to incredible results! 


Lidl & Saara Aalto Thank You 

MADAM welcomed our Swedish friends from BACON to London for a one day studio shoot featuring Finland's singer-songwriter, Saara Aalto. The online film is Lidl's Thank You to all their customers with Saara singing in an incredible 20 languages - keep an eye out for yours! #20millionthankyous 



MADAM services all corners of the United Kingdom & Ireland. Our stunning coastline, forests, mountains, lakes & winding roads all offer incredible visual landscapes. Our new Location Page will be available on the website soon. 


MADAM Thanks....You! 

MADAM would like to thank all those who joined us in Cannes this year. As always, it was wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Let's keep talking! 

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MADAM Transforms Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez Collaborating with Chilean production company, La Fuerza Producciones and their client, Movistar, MADAM’s latest production involved turning the clock forward for the 28 year old Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez as he became an 80 year old grandfather in the Chilean aired commercial.

MADAM provided a one day green screen shoot at Duke Island Studios. Due to the usual time constraints of working with A-List football personalities, we welcomed Sanchez for a total of six hours, four of which were in make-up for the prosthetics to be applied by our latest crew collaborators, the highly talented Millenium FX.

MilleniumFX: ‘The team at Madam were highly informative, always accessible and extremely positive – a pleasure to work with!’

The tight deadlines on the day required director, Pablo Guarnaccia, to be well supported with the MADAM crew fully in place and ready to go at a moment’s notice. A finely tuned shoot ensued with the addition of stills for the client by another MADAM trusted favourite, Chris Dodd.

Jose Barake, Le Fuerza: “Working with Madam was a true delight. We needed a production company that could help us with a tight budget and a huge challenge that involved shooting a soccer superstar. They did an incredible job and made our first experience shooting in London a splendid one. Can’t wait to work with Madam again”

Michelle Stapleton: “It’s always wonderful collaborating with people who are as passionate about the work they do as Madam is. It’s never easy working with tight budgets and tight schedules but always made easier when you have wonderful production companies to work for.”

MADAM provides itself on delivering the highest production value to all our productions and clients. This collaboration with MADAM, La Fuerza & Movistar offered a cohesive team able to react and respond to the changing requirements of elite athletes. 

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英国制作会社 マダム マダムは、御社が、英国内で撮影される事を歓迎いたします。




現在、英国通貨(ポンド/£ )は、為替相場が良いです。














業界で長年の制作経験は、大手Sony, L’Oreal, LG, P&G, Coca-Cola,
Dove, Gillette, Ford, Volvo, Adidas, PepsiCo




自己紹介させていただきたい所存です。 まで、e-mail でご連絡ください。


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UK Production Insider

Winter shooting in the UK has brought us the English Football Premier League in full flight, a rain free 3 week shoot & locations used to replicate Europe - our crisp blue skies didn't disappoint.

It's been fun, Winter, but now it's time to say hello to Spring....

The daffodils are up and getting ready to bloom and with that we have longer daylight hours & the most glorious landscapes you could see, rich in colour and lush greens - beach, mountain, highlands, rivers, forests, dales.

We are here to support you in all the ways that we can across budgeting, casting, visas, permits, celebrities, sporting personalities, iconic London & UK landmarks, locations & studios.

Call a Madam!

& then read on for more on Adfest & our Meet the Crew series

Love, The Madams x 


MADAM is heading to Adfest 

Madam Bhatt will be in attendance and would be thrilled to meet new friends and old. Please email Pippa directly on to arrange a poolside meeting 


Meet The Crew 

Our series continues with one of our trusted 1st ADs, Justin Travers.

Justin is a regular choice for MADAM and not long into his career he was part of the crew for the hugely iconic Prodigy promo for FIRESTARTER. Read on to find out more about that crazy underground shoot & more! 

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MADAM shoots global influencers The F2 for long-form six part series Production on Whistle Sports’ latest long form series was serviced entirely by MADAM in the UK. Fronted by global social influencers the F2, the six-part series, It’s Called Football, which launched Boxing Day looks at the history, culture and fans of Premier League clubs and features unbelievable trick shots. With 11.5 million social media subscribers, the F2, Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove, are Adidas key ambassadors, alongside the likes of Messi.

Production service company, MADAM, produced all elements of the UK segment with unprecedented access across four premiership football clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and Southampton – their home grounds and training grounds, including their players and various locations across London & the UK.

MADAM producer, Michelle Stapleton: ‘The exciting element of this project was combining long-form film making with the expertise of working across high-end ads. This needed to be produced in a super organized high-end commercial manner but with the flexibility of working in a programme/documentary manner not governed by commercial rules. We had compact 4K cameras, second and third units, half the usual size commercial crew but still our preferred A-List crew members. All of which allowed us to cover off 4/5 locations a day and produce four 30 minute films across nine days. It was a fast paced, highly organized project with numerous decision changes on a daily/hourly basis.’

The 10 day shoot saw all crew travel extensively across London and South England with unparalleled access to home grounds of Stamford Bridge, including full access to the pitch, tunnel, dressing rooms, the Olympic Park, training grounds, local locations including Sloane Square, King’s Road, Bluebird Café, Cheyne Walk houseboats, an open top London double decker bus tour covering iconic central London sites including Trafalgar Square & Big Ben and for classic British Beach Hut shots in Hampshire. Access to Premiership players included Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel, Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi, Southampton’s Kelvin Davis and West Ham’s Dimitri Payet.

Director George Wieser: ‘The Madams were able to wrestle some semblance of order to the chaos that we brought to their shores. Changes came fast and at the last minute. Not only were there many moving parts, not enough time, a ridiculously ambitious shot list and a cranky director but also shooting with premier league teams and talent. With Michelle running the show I knew that it was going to be sorted properly. From a creative stand point it took a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to perform my duties as director without having to worry about the production. In the end we ended up with a wonderful show that wouldn't have happened without the expert help from the Madams.’

In each 30-minute episode, F2 Freestylers, Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, will take fans behind a different club from the Premier League, providing background on the culture, songs, stadiums, history, and fans of the club.

In the first episode, Billy and Jeremy examine the key facts fans need to know about Premier League football, and take fans through London’s Chelsea neighborhood to speak with Blues fans. The guys also speak with Chelsea midfielder Mikel John Obi, and perform trick shots under the lights at Stamford Bridge.

The second episode in the series features a look into the history of Arsenal Football Club, including appearances by Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, defender Shkodran Mustafi, and former Arsenal player Daniel Karbassiyoon. 

Trailers for the upcoming season are available here.

Credit List: UK Production Services - MADAM Films

Series by Whistle Sports Director - George Wieser

Executive Producers - Myke Furhman & Bob Ciosek

Producer - Michelle Stapleton

Creatives - Chris Macchi/Alexei Shishkin/Myke Furhman/Bob Ciosek

Editor - Alexei Shishkin

Associate Producer - Chris Macchi

Production Managers – (MADAM) Jenny Johnson / (WHISTLE SPORTS) Natalie Diamond

Production Assistants - Sophie Johns (MADAM) / Conor El Sibai (WHISTLE SPORTS)

1st AD - Justin Travers

2nd AD - Ali Hopper

Camera Operators - Oliver Gallini/Jason Ellis

1st Assistant Camera - Ciro Candia

2nd Assistant Camera - Robert Hatton

Gaffer - Anthony Willis Electrician - Paul Facer

Location Manager - Ross Kirkman

Sound Recordists - Andrew Hewitson/Martin Clarke

DIT - Eoin O’Brien

Assistant Editor - Mike McLaughlin

Sound Mixer - Frank Scheuring

Runners - Charlotte Miller/Ben Keswick/Grant Sandy Phillips

Drivers - Drago Dragostinov/Dom Brown/Bobby Degale/Jack Till/Craig Carrigan 

2017-01-16 00:00:00
PEPSI & ARSENAL'S ELNENY Working through OVIDEO production company, part of Mediapro Group, our latest production was at locations across an in-bloom Battersea Park and Westminster in Springtime London. With a one week turnaround Madam provided a 72 strong crew and two cameras for the one-day shoot. Working with a Spanish team consisting of renowned director Jaume Balaguero, DP Pablo Rossi and 1st AD Luca Vacchi, communication across two languages was paramount for a smooth running production that required multiple moves across the locations, accommodation of an on-location stills shoot and the last minute addition of BTS.
Another Madam production we are immensely proud of! 

See full nuews here 

2016-07-11 00:00:00
Madam Brings London Sparkle to Pepsi & Mediapro’s Latest Sports Personality Campaign OVIDEO production company, part of multimedia content provider, Mediapro, together with their client, Pepsi, recently engaged Madam Films with the UK sector of their multiple country production.

The commercial, shot by acclaimed Spanish feature director Jaume Balaguero, stars London based Arsenal footballer Mohamed Elneny and was shot across one day and two locations in central London.

UK service production company, Madam Films, have continued their run of productions this year with the latest production at locations across an in-bloom Battersea Park and Westminster. With a one week turnaround Madam provided a 72 strong crew and two cameras for the one-day shoot.

Working with a Spanish team consisting of the director Balaguero, DP Pablo Rossi and 1st AD Luca Vacchi, communication across two languages was paramount for a smooth running production that required multiple moves across the locations, accommodation of an on-location stills shoot and the last minute addition of BTS.

Pablo Rosso: The beauty of working with Madam is the knowledge that everything around you is being produced with efficiency and attention to detail. Thanks for making us feel at home! 

2016-06-09 00:00:00
Madam Springs Into Action Shooting London Landmarks It was London in one day as Madam took over The Walkie Talkie building, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge & Cleveland Row for their latest production.

UK service production company, Madam Films, recently welcomed German advertising agency Panama Werbeagentur to London for a one-day shoot encompassing some of London's most recognisable and high profile landmarks. Shooting took place on location at The Sky Garden atop the Walkie Talkie building, Trafalgar Square, river shots passing under Tower Bridge and finally Cleveland Row behind Kensington Palace. To secure the required river background shots of Tower Bridge, Madam chartered the crew and boat Erasmus who performed a series of turns passing through and under the bridge.

Playing host to Panama Werbeagentur, their client and the stars of their commercial – two well known German vloggers, Madam put London centre stage for the commercial which will air across German cinema and internet. Agency Head of Production, Filomena Alder, speaking of her experience shooting with Madam says, ‘Shooting in London with Madam – is my cup of tea!’

Working closely with Westminster council at a time of heightened security, Madam Films ably moved quickly and smoothly across all four sites. Such prime locations ensured direct shots of The Shard, Trafalgar Square’s lions and probably the most iconic of all London images, Tower Bridge.

The commercial for German cinema & internet airs soon. 

2016-05-03 00:00:00