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Founded in: 2004

Awards: 3

Creative Work: 15

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Block B Stonewedge Office Park 1 Wedgelink Road
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 11 361 3000

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Blade Works

Block B Stonewedge Office Park 1 Wedgelink Road
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 11 361 3000

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About Blade Works

The Blade Works is considered to be the premiere post-production facility in Johannesburg. The reason for this is obvious – we employ the strongest, most reputable and creative artists to operate the latest tools and software. The artists are ably supported by dynamic VT and data operators in a secure environment.

To ensure that clients get the best production value and input we utilize the services of an exceptionally talented pool of outside edit and audio services to complete the picture. Each of these businesses enjoy unsurpassed reputations in their own right.

Our offering includes: Film scanning, Baselight colour grading, Flame, After effects, Nuke, Combustion, 2D and 3D animation as well as a full compliment of copies, archival and broadcast material solutions.

Accountants on Site recently completed the assessment of our Company, and we are pleased that our progress has been remarkably good over the last few years. In 2006, we were assessed as “Non Compliant”, in 2007 we improved to “Level 7 Contributor”. This year we have maintained our status as a “Level 3 Contributor” but are constantly working at improving this critical component of our business. 


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