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Founded in: 2005

Employees: 15

Creative Work: 15

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8325 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 120
Miami Florida 33138
United States
Phone: (+1) (305) 324 8868

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In & Out Productions

8325 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 120
Miami Florida 33138
United States
Phone: (+1) (305) 324 8868

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About In & Out Productions

World-class directors, production company, all budgets, content, digital content, broadcast. 


English, Spanish, Portuguese
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

In & Out has the capability to offer casting services from a pool talent from
North America, South American, Central America, Caribbean & Europe.
This range will help select the talent best suited for your production needs.
Talent fees can be negotiated as buy-out and/or day-rate structure
that allows for more affordable talent rates. Whether Union or Non Union
In & Out will handle all the logistics, including:
Casting Directors
Compliance with all Union/Non Union Regulations
Agent Negotiations
Talent Payments
Travel Arrangements

Crews & Equipment
Experienced and specialized local crews, as well as world-class state of the
art technology in filming equipment, are available on all productions.

Post Production
In & Out partners with a range of studios in New York, L.A., Miami, Buenos Aires,
Sao Paulo, that comply with international standards. 

Network Description

Production Services offered in the United States and Latin America [Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru]  & Caribbean 

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