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3210 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael California 94901
United States
Phone: (+1) 415 391-5030

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Awards: 5

Creative Work: 4

Jessen Productions

3210 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael California 94901
United States
Phone: (+1) 415 391-5030

Charles Jessen

Phone: (+1) 415 391 5030

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About Jessen Productions

Whether it is a 30 second commercial, internet video, or a feature film, our passion is to tell stories. Engage the audience, evoke a reaction. Make them laugh, cry, or think about something differently, in some cases take action.
That's why it is so hard to typecast us in regard to a particular genre or style.

In capturing the images we choose- HD, 16mm, or 35mm film, whichever is right for a particular vision or job. while taking into consideration subject matter, budget, & slated exhibition. We will not ever compromise production values by taking short cuts or implementing a lesser standard on key elements such as lens, lighting, talent, & art direction. Yet we're known for delivering high production values on a relatively tight budgets. The proof is our work. 


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