Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The Value Curve – Seamless production from concept to broadcast

At Pipe Dreams Productions we believe that partnering brands and agencies through as much of the process as possible leads to the deepest brand knowledge, the best creative product and the most economical solution.

In the traditional process for an animated campaign, a brand might spend a large section of the production budget on getting an idea through buy in and research but then discard those materials once the project moves into production.

By working with creative teams from the outset we are able to help realise and sell ideas, then use the materials we have already created to give us a head start in the post-production process, eliminating waste and reducing costs while maintaining industry leading standards.
We call this the value curve – a common sense approach that keeps people coming back to us again and again.


A scalable approach to research

At Pipe Dreams Productions we have developed a range of products to suit any brand, budget or project. From full production animatics which provide a high level of visual detail and can replicate special effects to 2D or ‘toon’ effect films which are stripped back to let the creative idea do the talking.

Whether a project requires the highest level of finish to help a director communicate an atmosphere or a brand requires a large volume of smaller budget, fast turnaround films for research, we can put together a team, production approach and pricing plan to suit your needs. 


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