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Loop Film


Jarle Tangen

Phone: (+47) 9098 0286

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About Loop Film

Loopfilm AS was founded in 1994 and has since then established itself as the only Norwegian production company specializing in service production. Norway can offer a wide range of spectacular locations with an infrastructure that works to a filmmakers benefit. The variety is immense, the distances moderate; try shoot a white sandy beach and a glacier on the same day; with Loopfilm AS in Norway – it’s possible. Sometimes we shoot under extreme conditions: on the North Pole, out in the Northern Sea or in the high mountains. Norway is a playground for any director doing car commercials, with curvy, breathtaking roads on mountain slopes or along the rugged coastline. Norway is the country in Europe with the widest variety of landscapes; mountains, fjords, glaciers, lakes, forests, and also the man-made kind: bridges, tunnels, spectacular roads, etc. Up in the mountains we have snow all year around – the possibilities are indefinite… We have had the privilege of working with some of the best filmmakers on the planet in Norway; do not hesitate asking for references! It is Loopfilm AS’s philosophy that no job’s too big, some jobs are too small. And any client is our most important client. Loopfilm is a member of the Global Production Network.


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