LCA Productions Clients

LCA PRODUCTIONS – Top-level production service company in Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua
Since 1992, LCA Productions has produced close to 500 commercials and supported roughly 100 production services. We’ve established an international reputation for delivering the best service, that works around the clock with precision... Read more

Ad Hoc , Production Service Aventura Card Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance 2018
AfterAll , Production Service Tampax Sanitary Towels 2014
AltaVista , Production Service KFC Food
And Syndicated , Production Service The Bachelord TV/Radio Programs & Stations 2011
ANONYMOUS CONTENT , Production Service Citibank Banking & Financial Services, Investments, Stock Brokers 2012
Art NYC , Photo Shoot Production Service Anthropologie Women's Clothing 2018
Auriga Productions , Production Service The Phantom TV Series TV/Radio Programs & Stations 2009
Black Drum Productions , Photo Shoot Service H&M Sweden Clothing 2010
Blink , Production Service Nestea Coffee, Tea, Chocolate Drinks, Breakfast Drinks 2011
Cattleya , Production Service Gomorrah TV Series Others 2015
CAVIAR , Productions Service Bacardi Spirits, Fortified Wines 2017
CAVIAR , Production Service Princess Cruises Destinations (Countries & Places) 2017
Community Films , Production Service USTA Others 2014
Cutter Productions , Productions Service Documentary TV/Radio Programs & Stations 2013
Dummy Films , Production Service Jetblue Credit Cards 2015