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Founded in: 2013

Employees: 15

Creative Work: 2

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V. Zhytomyrska St. 24b, office 1
Kyiv 01025
Phone: (+380) +38 050 410 66 88

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The Martini Shot

V. Zhytomyrska St. 24b, office 1
Kyiv 01025
Phone: (+380) +38 050 410 66 88

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About The Martini Shot

The Martini Shot is an international film production company based in UKRAINE and GEORGIA providing full cycle of production services for local & foreign Agencies, Clients & Production companies in both countries. We offer professional and dedicative English speaking crew at competitive rates, high standards and impeccable service. Thus, you stay comfortable through the whole commercial production process.

We offer wide range of accessible and original locations in GEORGIA and UKRAINE.All of them provide a wide opportunity of unique shooting places. Modern and ancient cities, concrete and glass architecture, monolithic Soviet constructions, castles, churches and cathedrals, medieval villages, European city views, picturesque lakes, river canyons, waterfalls and scenic landscapes. 


English, Russian, Ukranian
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