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Founded in: 2007

Employees: 10

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3449 W Indiana Ave
Philadelphia 19132
United States
Phone: (+1) 267-239-5686

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Expressway Productions

3449 W Indiana Ave
Philadelphia 19132
United States
Phone: (+1) 267-239-5686

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About Expressway Productions

Expressway Productions is a premiere creative video production and content creation company. Since our foundation in 2007, Expressway has prided itself in superior production quality and customer satisfaction. Our attention to the needs of our clients and collaborative creative process are what set us apart in the field. Expressway provides an award winning in-house staff of talented filmmakers and technicians from the earliest stages of conceptual design, through production and all the way to the screen. Our attention to detail and truly understanding the mission and values of our customers is a point of pride in the company. The satisfaction of our clients is always a top priority.

Our production facility has a full range of cutting-edge full HD cameras, industry leading lighting and innovative production technologies. Expressway owns multiple Grip and Electric Trucks and a full range of supplies for all facets of video production. Our sister company, Expressway Grip is Philadelphia’s elite video production rental house and has set the standard in technical quality for the region. With all of these resources under one roof, Expressway Productions is a true one stop shop for all production needs and is uniquely positioned to provide the greatest production value to all of our clients.

Through the years, our creative design and technical quality have become the hallmark of our company’s success and a valuable asset to all of our productions. Whether it is our creative filmmaking, brand videos, educational content, medical advertising, commercials or agency collaborations, our work has always been recognized for its production quality and has been honored at numerous festivals and award ceremonies. Expressway brings an unparalleled combination of collaboration, expertise and experience to every project and always results in the highest quality of content. 


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