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Founded in: 2015

Employees: 34

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Kde 45 322
Lima Lima Lima 33

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Promby Advertising

Kde 45 322
Lima Lima Lima 33

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About Promby Advertising

We grow Video Popularity by going above and beyond. Working in a wide variety of verticals for domestic and international brands, music artist, Youtubers, Viral Videos and more, we often present what the future of a Video can be. We believe that communications drive operations, and not the other way around. That means we listen to consumers first; anticipate where the industry is going; consider the perspectives of multiple places like Social Networks, Forums, tendencies, devices, styles, fashion, brands, links, communication networks; and craft communications plans that prepare our customers videos for the future and target recognition. Armed with effective communications strategies, we influence the operational directions of brands - from redefining YouTube to rearranging Video Branding and service for get notice in this century. 


English, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

While there is a general formula for creating Video advertising campaigns, no two campaigns are alike or similar to the other. Doing our homework up front with proper video research tells us who our right audience is. That research includes working with the experts at our sister company, American Advertising Pole, who will determine the most effective video solutions and video channels to reach said audience. Beyond those two commonalities, everything that happens in Promby is unique.

We go into every Video Campaign assuming it’s going to be a multi-medium approach because we believe in your product. Even if 90% of the focus is on the YouTube creative, we still do something in social, display or Video Solutions for you. It only makes sense, as the large campaigns drive traffic online where you need to be found quickly, so we have to help potential customers and viewers, connect the dots. We like to play connect the dots, you always get a fun picture at the end!

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