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Ul. Paryska 22 A / 2
Warszawa 03-935
Phone: (+48) 607 602 094

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Basic Info

Founded in: 2016

Employees: 4

Awards: 1

MOON Films

Ul. Paryska 22 A / 2
Warszawa 03-935
Phone: (+48) 607 602 094

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About MOON Films

Moon was founded in 2016 by producer Magda Betlejewska as a 100% independent production company
with the goal of creating the highest standards in commercials production in Poland.


English, Polish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We call it Creative First.
We believe for commercials to be great they need to respect the viewer's overwhelmingly bombarded visual senses and offer them something special to enjoy.
We believe it all starts with a great script.
We believe turning each one into a larger-than-life cinematic experience takes
a realistic and professional Creative First production schedule,
a unique eye for casting,
and a highly, highly crafted editorial and visual execution.
We believe in brave. We believe in human. We believe in goose bumps. 

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