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Founded in: 1992

Employees: 200

Contact Information

601 W. Alameda Ave #100
Burbank California 91506
United States
Phone: (+1) (818) 558-3261

Founded in: 1992

Employees: 200

The TEAM Companies

601 W. Alameda Ave #100
Burbank California 91506
United States
Phone: (+1) (818) 558-3261

About The TEAM Companies

The TEAM Companies’ comprehensive payroll and business affairs solutions offer behind-the-scenes support for the advertising, music, and entertainment communities.

Our clients focus on connecting with global audiences using every medium available. We focus on providing experience driven insight, subject matter expertise and best-in-class service to:

Global Advertisers
Ad Agencies
Production Companies
Print Producers
Web Content Producers
Visual Effects Companies
Animation Houses
Music Producers
Record Labels
Performers on Concerts Tours


English, Spanish, French

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The TEAM Companies was founded in 1992 as TEAM with a strong foundation in employer of record payroll for the advertising & entertainment industries. Since that time we have established ourselves as a knowledge driven organization, expanding our subject matter expertise and offerings to fully support the business behind the conception, production, and distribution of advertising and entertainment projects ranging from broadcast television commercials and fashion photography to music recording and global concert tours.

In 2009, we began our on-going process of evolving our company to be a more comprehensive provider of business services, expertise and technology to our advertising and entertainment clients. This expansion has included the purchase of several business affairs companies and our move into Canada with the acquisition of Toronto-based Talent Payment Services, Canada’s premier payroll provider for performers in advertising.

In 2012 The TEAM Companies was formed as the parent company to these individual entities and in 2015 we consolidated our U.S. operations under The TEAM Companies moniker.

While we have competitors in every sector, no other company provides a suite of offerings as comprehensive as ours, a pool of subject matter experts as deep as ours, or the level of customer-focused service that we provide. 

Trade Organizations

Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA)