AOE Media

South Jordan, United States

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9503 S. Angus Dr.
South Jordan Utah 84009
United States

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AOE Media

9503 S. Angus Dr.
South Jordan Utah 84009
United States

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About AOE Media

AOE Media is a faith-based film and production company in Salt Lake City, UT. We focus our efforts in providing fun and clean entertainment, which is so far removed from the typical Hollywood themes. Are you tired of hearing and seeing objectionable words and scenes in movies? We are too. PG-13 movies are more like the rated R films of the past. As society further declines in morality and character, we strive to bring wholesome, family-friendly, God-honoring films back to the screen. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

AOE Media is a full service media production company started by Brian Finn who has 29 years of industry experience in Hollywood. Brian has worked with a multitude of actors, musicians, directors and other film experts. AOE Media focuses on movie and television productions including full-length feature films and commercials. Some of our skills include:
Directing and producing
Stunt choreography
Commercial & theatrical production
Set design
FX and other visual effects
Talent acquisition

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