Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

At You’ve Got Pictures, we believe that the best advertisements are those that feature precise and compelling messaging. We make this the highest priority in all of our work. Our diverse portfolio includes video content shaped by digital storytelling as well as traditional 15-second TV commercials. Using our in-house system, we oversee all stages of content creation from planning to production and post-production, for smoother, more streamlined project execution. From start to finish, we engage in open communication with our clients to ensure highquality content and effective message delivery. 

Trying to shoot on location overseas is always a headache. It’s hard to know where to even begin your preparations, and budgeting is a game of prolonged uncertainty. That’s where our corporate offices in Seoul and California come in. Partner with You’ve Got Pictures for a smooth and successful on-location shoot. Instead of hiring local coordinators and agencies directly, you can leave the arrangements to You’ve Got Pictures for optimal budget management and scheduling. Such are the perks of working with a partner with a global presence.


Christopher Lee
Head Officer/Producer


Number of Employees: 30
Christopher Lee
Head Officer/Producer



Advertiser Brand Business Sector Type of Work since
LG Electronics
SK Broadband
Hyundai Motor Group
Korea Tourism Organization
Henkel KG
BC Card
Cheil Worldwide
Leo Burnett Korea