David Shane
Director at O Positive
London, United Kingdom
TitleDaughter and Mother
BriefWe're shocked as we watch this film, which shows a little girl looking after her young mother, who clearly suffers from Alzheimer's. However, the ending reveals that the girl is actually an adult and that her mother is an elderly woman. The message: Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects not only the person suffering from it, but also their children.
Campaign Daughter and Mother
Advertiser Cure Alzheimer's Fund
Brand Cure Alzheimer's Fund
PostedAugust 2018
Business Sector Disease Awareness, Support Groups & Associations
Story Implementation;This film makes use of a misdirect. We lead the viewers to believe that we are telling the story of a little girl and her young troubled mother. However, at the end we reveal that they are both actually much older. The little girl needed to be directed to be wise beyond her years, while her mother needed to come across as a little unhinged, demonstrating many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Both actors needed to capture a raw emotion and perform in a very authentic way. Their older versions also needed to look like them and exhibit similar features and mannerisms. We cast extensively in LA and New York to find these special individuals.;Entry Summary;Over six million people in the United States now have Alzheimer's disease — and it is estimated that four million (or two thirds) are women.;Brief Explanation;This film was created to bring awareness to the fact that Alzheimer’s is a disease that not only affects the person suffering from it, but also their children. As it plays out we are led to believe that a little girl is looking after her young mother. However, in the conclusion we reveal that she is actually an adult and her mother is an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s. We wanted to make people aware that by donating to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, they could possibly put a stop to this and prevent them from becoming a future burden to their children.
Media Type Web Film
Production Company
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Art Director
Art Director
Chief Strategy Officer
Planning Director
Account Director
Director of Integrated Production
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Music Producer
Music Producer
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Conform and Finishing
Director of Photography (DOP)
Editing Company Number 6
Sound Engineer
Conform Artist
Chief Creative Officer David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director Mike Smith
Senior Creative Director/Copywriter Matthew Brink
Senior Creative Director/Art Director Adam Livesay
Director of Integrated Production David Rolfe
Executive Producer Amy Wertheimer
Executive Producer Diane McCann
Music Producer Melissa Chester
Account Director Josh Goodman
Planning Team Crystal Rix
Planning Team Vicky Szuflita
DIrector David Shane
Director of Photography Mark Laliberte-Else
Executive Producer Marc Grill
Executive Producer Ralph Laucella
Editor Jason MacDonald
Executive Producer Corina Dennison
Producer Malia Rose
Sound Engineer Evan Mangiamele
Producer Sasha Awn
Conform Artist Ed Skupeen
Entrant Company BBDO NEW YORK
Idea Creation BBDO NEW YORK
Production O POSITIVE
Additional Company NO6
Additional Company NO7
Additional Company HEARD CITY

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