Daniel Mabe

Daniel Mabe

Director at Vision
New York, United States

About me

This is the part where you read more about Daniel and his life. His upbringing. His education. His previous occupations. His interests. His hobbies. What are his hopes? His dreams? What makes him so awesome? Why hasn’t he been honored at the Kennedy Center yet?

Okay. So: small town in North Carolina with awesome parents and no siblings. A degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. Writing words for ads at Leo Burnett in Chicago and DDB in San Francisco. Stanley Kubrick and PT Anderson films, quoting Seinfeld and Simpsons episodes whenever appropriate or inappropriate, as well as a few failed attempts at understanding quantum mechanics. Stand-up comedy and mountain biking (until suffering a fairly severe spinal cord injury in 2016. Long story). That there will be enough milk left for the bowl of granola I just poured. There’s one where my teeth fall out, and I replace them with Peanut M&Ms. His sense of humor an all-around winning personality. It’s quite political. Let’s just say that Lionel Richie may have greased some palms behind the scenes in 2017 and leave it at that.

Anything else you’d like to know will be divulged on our first phone call. Looking forward to it. Beyond that crucial info, Daniel strives to create humorous stories grounded in universal truths. Selecting the right actors and drawing out hilarious performances from them are among his favorite parts of the creative process. He’s won advertising awards for writing, co-directed a couple of shorts and learned to walk again in 2016 (part of that long story referenced earlier). Thanks for making it this far. Hope it was worth it.


United States
Licorice Tree
United States
Chicago, United States

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